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How to Maximize Your Time to Maximize Sales

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Author: Bill Brooks

Developing a daily plan for your daily activity is an absolute must in order for you to perform at significantly high levels of sales performance. There is very little doubt that the ability to maximize your time and what you accomplish daily is essential to your consistent sales performance.

Let's take a look at 12 specific tips, ideas or strategies that, if applied correctly, could make a big difference in your sales results:

Avoid scheduling too many appointments or other activities daily so you can invest more quality time with qualified prospects.

Handle all prospect or customer inquiries or requests immediately, efficiently and expeditiously. Don't "put them off until later." Do it when their requests or questions are fresh on your mind.

Prepare your daily to-do list the previous afternoon or evening so it's ready in the morning.

Carry an easily accessible list of your top 10-15 prospects so that you can maximize bits of unused time to contact them.

Take time to relax, plan, schedule, visualize your success and organize yourself. Don't always be in a hurry!

Do your best to sell only by appointment. That will allow you to maximize time with quality prospects, plan your presentation and utilize non-selling time in a more productive, positive way.

Set aside time daily to prospect for new business, promote your product or service and position yourself and your organization.

Work daily to establish a group of customers who will serve as advocates and zealots for you and your offerings.

Organize your day so that you are able to group related activities together and be in a position to avoid flurries of unrelated, disjointed activities.

Do your best to ensure that you invest your time only with truly qualified prospects instead of only moderately interested suspects.

Constantly keep your sales goals and objectives in front of you so that you are absolutely, 100% sure that you are maximizing your time and activity daily.

Maximize your time with some form of automated prospecting, tracking and contact management system. Bring your sales effort into the 21st century!

Invest some time daily into the ongoing improvement of your sales skills, product knowledge, personal growth and professional development.

Given those 12 tips, how organized are you? Unfortunately, lots of salespeople mistakenly believe the old adage that says "A cluttered desk is a sign of genius" - or they say things like "I don't have time to get organized, I'm too busy selling." Or how about this one, "Salespeople aren't like other people. We go and make things happen."

None of these statements are true at all. In fact, they are nothing more than excuses for a lack of commitment or lack of understanding as it relates to the real underpinnings for true sales success. It could be argued that the essential components to managing your time for maximum sales success lie in the ability to master three things:

A commitment to do it

The willingness to be held accountable for your own results

The competency required to accomplish it

The real truth is that success in anything, including sales, is the willingness to say, "Yes. I want to do that," "Yes. I'm willing to be held answerable for my own results," and "Yes. I'm willing to learn, apply and master the skills required to be successful." If you can adapt these three concepts to your sales career and master even some of the 12 tips we've discussed you'll be a lot more productive. Try it. You'll like the results. Remember, time is the great equalizer for all of us. The secret is to learn how to put the equalizer on your side.

About the author

Bill Brooks is the founder and CEO of The Brooks Group, an internationally known sales and business development research, training and consulting firm. He is the author of 14 books including How To Sell At Margins Higher Than Your Competitors, a 2005 best-seller published by John Wiley & Sons. For more information, please visit

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