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How To Make Money With Your Digital Camera

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Author: Rick Rouse -

If you own a digital camera, you have probably taken at least a few photos that you think others would like. Did you know that it's quite easy to make money with most any digicam - even a low-end point and shoot? Well, it is, and I'm going to tell you how to get started!

You don't need to be an experienced professional photographer to start earning money with your digital camera. And you certainly don't need a bunch of expensive photographic equipment. All you really need in order to earn some extra cash - and possibly even a good living - is a decent digital camera, an active imagination and a little practice.

First, let's discuss the practice part. Get out and start taking a bunch of pictures. Take pictures of anything and everything you see including landscapes, buildings, automobiles, animals, people…well, you get the picture. Take pictures of everything, even things that might seem boring or uninteresting.

The key to getting several great pictures every time you pick up your camera is to take a boatload of them! In fact, I fill up my camera's 2 GB memory card virtually every day. That's 569 high-resolution images per day! Out of that many pictures, I almost always have several "keepers". Of course the advent of digital cameras has made it very easy and inexpensive to take tons of pictures any time you want to.

Be sure to spend some time "learning your camera" as you take your practice shots. Practice using the different settings and "picture taking modes" available on your particular camera model so that you'll be prepared to capture the best images possible under a wide variety of conditions. For example, low-light photography, action photography (sports) and portraits all require different skills and varying camera settings in order to produce the best results.

After you have become familiar with your camera and feel confident about using its various settings, it's time to start making some money. Studio portrait photography probably isn't an option unless you already own (or are willing to buy) the proper equipment. This includes a high-quality camera and lens, lighting equipment, backgrounds, etc. But there are plenty of other types of photography you can make money at with nothing but your quality digicam. For example, you can take pictures at birthday parties, amateur sporting events, family reunions and many other types of social events. You can also take pictures of local landmarks and tourist attractions and sell them on eBay or even your own website. The opportunities for making money by taking pictures is limited only by your imagination!

Regardless of the types of photographs you plan to take, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1 - Always take plenty of pictures. If you max out your memory card, you're virtually guaranteed to have several great pictures that your client will be happy to pay you for.

2 - Take pictures from several different angles and with varying camera settings. It will do you no good to take 500 pictures at a birthday party if they are all exactly alike!

3 - Anticipate where the action is going to be and be there yourself when it happens. For example, if you're taking pictures at little Johnny's first Pee-Wee football game, make sure you're in the best spot to get a good picture when he scores a touchdown.

4 - Always be practicing with your camera and learning new photographic skills. Spend some time online keeping up with the most popular photography forums as well as the numerous photography help websites.

5 - Submit some of your best photos for display on several photography websites such as You'll receive plenty of free exposure for your work resulting in more business.

Conclusion: You really can turn your photography hobby into a money-making venture. And who knows, you just might find that you can do it full-time and kiss your day job goodbye!

About the author: Rick Rouse is the owner of Visit him and submit your own photos to be considered for use as a "Picture Of The Day" at

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