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How to Make Him Want to Get Back Together With You

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Author: Teecee Go

After a serious breakup, it's impossible to know what to do and where to turn. Your thoughts and your judgment are clouded with pain, maybe anger or resentment and certainly confusion. Some people will simply want to walk away. But many of us will refuse to let go because we're convinced what just happened is a mistake, an aberration, something we can put right. But from where you're standing right now, this looks like a Herculean task. So how on earth do you go about convincing him that what you had can be rescued and how do you make him realize that's what he wants?

First, there's the age-old strategy of using jealousy to concentrate his mind. If he sees you with someone else, happy, strong, getting on with life, there's every chance he'll start to wish he were still the person with whom you're feeling those things. He might just start to recognize how much he took for granted. Remember to make sure the person you're seeing now has no illusions about how important they are to you. It would be irresponsible and unkind to lead them on too far and end up hurting them.

Another move you can make, which doesn't involve anyone else, is to work on yourself. Don't let yourself look like a victim or someone who has been broken by disappointment. Look good. That's not just about the clothes you wear or the height of your heels. It's also a matter of exuding confidence, displaying strength and demonstrating that heartache hasn't stalled your life. So go out, socialize and be seen. There's no better way to look good than to enjoy yourself. And if your ex happens to notice, there's every possibility that he'll be so intrigued by the transformation that he can't stop thinking about what might have been and might still be.

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