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How To Host Your Websites For Only $2.04 Per Month

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Author: Willie Crawford

Having been in business online since late-1996, I've used a number of different web hosting companies - as you might well imagine. I currently use three hosts. I still use three hosts because I don't believe in putting all of your eggs in one basket.

No matter how good a web hosting company is, things like a natural disasters could take their servers (and your sites) offline. If you have sites hosted on different servers, in different geographic locations, you diversify that risk.

Having your sites on different servers in different locations also allows you to put related sites on different IP addresses for search engine optimization purposes. We won't get into that topic in this article though.

Today, I want to share with you how I host 150 of my sites for only $2.04 each, TOTAL cost per month. I'll reveal to you how you could easily do the same. I'm talk "quality, full-featured, cash-gushing, sites!"

I'm a "charter member" of a member-only website called Content Desk. This membership site teaches you how to set up and profit from creating content sites. The membership provides you with tools and instructions on how to quickly and easily erect these content sites.

Charter membership in this site is limited to 400 members, so it may be sold out when you check. If it is, just get on the waiting list. From time to time, members don't renew, and that's when you could get in. Members don't renew because circumstances in all of our lives change from time to time.

I've looked high and low, and haven't seen anything that compares to Content Desk. That's why it's an integral part of my online business model.

If you want more information on Content Desk, and are in a hurry, you can read all about it at: Click on the link labeled "Charter Membership" in the left menu bar.

Content Desk allows you to tap into a database of over 146,000 articles covering countless topics. You can search this database and select articles by keywords, authors, keyword density, etc. You can take the selected articles and have proprietary software output those articles into unique templates that you've designed.

Note: Content Desk actually has many other facets but I'll just focus on building content sites here.

The magic of Content Desk is that they step you through the process of creating quality sites that the search engines will love, your visitors will love, that won't get you banned, and that you'll generate a lot of cash from. You are taught how to do this through online tutorials and live tele-events.

Members learn from John Reese, Jonathan Page, Brad Fallon, Michael Fortin, Carl Galletti, Keith Baxter, Ryan Deiss, Frank Garon, Willie Crawford, Jack Humphrey, and many other virtual empire builders. These members all teach at free teleseminars and webinars only available to members.

The point I'm trying to make here is that members aren't left on their own. In fact, Content Desk has a very active member-only forum that's frequented by many "FedEx Club" members. That's a term used to describe people earning over $10,000 per month in Google AdSense revenue. Google used to send those large check only by FedEx. Google now offers the option of direct deposit... which is what I use :-)

I don't want this to turn into a pitch for Content Desk, but that's how I've set up an amazing number of very profitable content sites that I now operate virtually hands-free. In-fact, the software even automatically adds new articles to my sites based upon criteria that I've specified.

When new articles are added to the database, you don't even have to go in and find them. The software sees the articles, sees that they match your criteria, and automatically adds them to your websites, fitting them neatly within your templates. Your sites literally grow themselves.

I also automatically post new entries to my blogs. These entries originate from new articles that have been added to the database, or from pre-selected articles that I've cued up. I give my blog visitors new posts, containing EXACTLY the information that they are looking for, while I'm out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. You can easily do the same thing.

I'm sure that by now you can see the power of how I set-up and run many of my "money sites." My focus is on creating quality sites that the search engines will love, that will not get your sites banned, that your visitors benefit from, and that will make you tons of revenue.

Charter members are GIVEN 1500 meg of disk space as a part their membership which costs $197 per month. You also get 180gig of monthly bandwidth. That 180,000 meg of monthly bandwidth. Please note that this space is only for hosting your OWN sites. It can't be resold or given away!

I mentioned earlier that, for search engine optimization purposes, it's sometimes important to spread related domains across different IP blocks. The free hosting that charter members of Content Desk receive is spread across a number of IP blocks.

If you set up simple content sites, without a lot of huge files, you can easily keep them to only 2-3 meg per month. If you include interactive tools, such as a blog, you want to leave room for several years of growth. That's why I allocate 10 meg of disk space for many of my sites.

Divide your 1500 meg of free hosting by 10 meg per site, and you end up with 150 sites that you can host. You actually decide how you want to split up the disk space that you are allocated. I use 10 meg because that's sufficient for most sites.

Back to the math... 150 sites for your $197 per month membership equates to $1.31 per site (rounded off). Add $8.75 per year (73 cents per month) for a domain name, and your total monthly cost per site is $2.04. With web hosting this cheap, you actually don't need to make a lot of sales to be profitable. I have to make lots of sales... to reach my 7-figure income goals :-)

In case you're wondering where to host domains for only $8.75 per year, check out the discount domain registration service at:

As an aside, I set this up for private clients because I was disgusted with seeing how large domain name registration services were ripping people off. You are encouraged to use it to register, or renew, all of your domain names. You're getting VERY close to the wholesale rate. Companys that charge you less make up the loss somehow on the backend ;-)

If you were just setting up content sites, or mini-sites, it would be very easy to actually keep all of your sites below say 5 meg each. So that same disk space could theoretically host 300 sites.

If you divided the $197 per month cost by 300 sites, you're paying only 66 cents per month, per account for hosting, plus 73 cents per month for domain name registration. That brings your cost per domain hosted down to only $1.39 EACH.

Many Internet marketers own the reprint rights to literally hundreds of different products that they never actually do anything with. Using the system I'm laying out for you, you would:

1) create a mini-site that has the salespage for the product as your index page.

2) Use the tools in Content Desk to create dozens of related, tightly-niches article pages.

3) Link off the index page to an article index page, where you link to related articles hosted on your site.

4) Have links on all of the article page pointing back to your index page (your salespage).

5) Add Google AdSense or some other revenue generator to your article pages if desired.

6) Submit your site to the search engines directly, or by linking to them from sites that are already indexed, and that are frequenlty crawled.

7) Write, or have written, articles that pertain to your niche. Include a link back to your mini-site in the resource box. Use Content Propulsion Lab to submit these articles to an incredibly immense NETWORK of article directories. You'll find Content Propulsion Lab at:

Note: Charter members of Content Desk get free membership in Content Propulsion Lab.

8) Use Content Desk's tools to periodically, automatically add new pages to your mini-site to keep it fresh, and to train the search engine spiders to re-crawl your sites often.

9) Watch the sales of these products that you have resale rights to trickle in totally hands-free.

It's not unrealistic to plan a mini-site that only uses 5 meg of disk space. Many of my 1-page sites that are straight sales letters, use less than 1 meg for the salespage, "thank you page," and digital products that are stored on the site. If you had a site containing audio files, zip files, etc., then you would expect to use more disk space for that site.

To conserve disk space, you could store your larger files, off your mini-sites. Server space and bandwidth is dirt cheap, so you can easily find places that would allow you to store all of your larger files in one place for only a few bucks a month. Many of the free hosting companies will give you enough disk space to do this. You don't want to use the free hosting companies to host your main site because it generally looks very unprofessional, and it will impact sales.

With content propulsion lab you can store your large audio files on their server and stream from there, saving you a lot of space as well.

With 1500 meg of free disk space and free web hosting, having enough disk space really should NOT be an issue anyway.

One of the first excuses beginners offer for not getting their web businesses off the ground is that they can't afford it. They contend that they don't even have the money for web hosting. I've just showed you that you can host your websites for next to nothing, when you follow my example.

It's not totally free, but running a web business DOES take money. Starting and operating a web business takes a lot less capital than a comparable offline business would though.

I've just revealed to YOU how to run your business for a small fraction of what your competitors are spending. This offers you a substantial competitive advantage.

I've also just revealed to you an integral part of my business operating system. I can safely reveal this because, even if you are my DIRECT competitor, I know that most people will do absolutely nothing with this amazing knowledge. If you're not my direct competitor, I hope that you do use this information. It has changed lives!

Copyright 2005 Willie Crawford

About the author

Willie Crawford has taught PROVEN Internet marketing techniques to thousands of successful Internet entrepreneurs since late-1996. Subscribe to his free weekly ezine, which helps you cut through the clutter and time-wasting hype. Subscribe now by visiting:

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