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How to Give a Single Share of Stock As a Gift

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Author: Wyatt Koopman

Have you seen a framed single share of stock hanging in someone's house or office? Maybe you though it was pretty neat, or wondered whether it was even real. Believe it or not, single shares of stock are perfectly legitimate and they hold full equity as owner in the company for which it was issued. Some stock brokers and investment companies will give you the ability to purchase a single share stock certificate through them, but in many cases the fees involved will far outweigh the cost of the stock.

That's why some specialty companies have cropped up in recent years to meet the demand for gift stock certificates. These companies offer the ability to purchase a single share of stock from many different companies, and often they will frame the certificate and even offer the ability to customize the certificate itself with a customized message from to to the recipient.

Most of these specialty companies can be found on the internet with a quick search, and you can have your stock certificate delivered to your home or sent directly to the recipient of the gift. Of course you don't have to give it as a gift--many people order the stocks for themselves. Some people collect the stocks of many different companies, and others purchase only the stock of a favorite company, such as Disney or Harley Davidson.

When you order a single share of stock online (see, typically you will receive an attractive stock certificate with a variety of elegant framing options available. You can choose from brands like Disney, Harley, Coca-Cola, and over 100 other companies!

It's a unique way to show you care in a special, creative way. It's a gift that holds lasting significance to the person, and involves them in the future of a company by providing them with real equity. and again, the real stock certificate may be engraved with a customized message from you! Of course the possibilities are endless, but here are some great occasions for giving a share of stock:

- Birthday gifts
- Corporate gift
- New baby present
- Child's first investment
- Graduation present
- Christmas present
- Valentine's Day
- Paper anniversary

Giving a single share of stock makes a great, long-lasting personalized gift for anyone. For more information about giving stock, hop on the internet and explore the gift-giving opportunities available in the USA and throughout much of the world.

About the author

Mr. Wyatt Koopman is an expert in personalized gifts, and also collects single shares of framed stock. Check out for more information about giving a share of stock to someone you love.

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