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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Love You Again

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Author: Aileen Aragon

If you have just broken up and thinking about how to get your ex girlfriend to love you again, you have to realize that everybody goes through the same painful experience.

They try to deal with the pain and move on. But if you are not like everyone else, and you are willing to put some work in then you might just find the answer to your nagging question "How to get your ex girlfriend to want you back?".

You may not know it yet, but 90% of break ups can actually be stopped or reversed if you know the exact steps to take to win your ex back. If you can pinpoint what has caused you to grow apart then you are already on a good start. Use that knowledge and learn to grow from that experience.

1. Figuring out what and where it all went wrong is not rocket science. Just be honest and true to yourself. Did it happen because of personal issues that your boyfriend or girlfriend cannot deal with anymore, or did it occur because of a single event? The more specific reasons you come up with, the better.

2. While you're on the process of self reflection it is equally important to separate yourself first from all the drama. Try not to get in contact with your ex for a few days. You are hurt and probably angry. These are negative emotions that will take control of you.

When you are trying to get an ex back while burdened with these feelings, you might come off as being needy and clingy. So learn to take charge of those emotions otherwise it will only make the situation worse than it is.

3. You know you can do something to get your ex girlfriend to love you again. Although oftentimes confusion sets in and decisions are clouded but the love and special bond never dies.

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