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How to Forgive Your Husband After He's Cheated on You

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Author: Teecee Go

One of the most trying situations you can ever experience is to forgive your husband after he's cheated. This is a situation that no one would like to exchange with you. If you decide to take the forgiving route, you may find that even some of your fellow women ridicule you. Getting the necessary support may be more difficult than you expected.

However, since it is your life that you are dealing with, you will need to make your independent decision about what is best for you. You are in the best position to decide whether you should really forgive your husband. What we are going to share here will only help you to reach a well informed decision on what you decide to do.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider forgiving your husband.

The toll a break will have

When you have been in a relationship, there are many things you will share in common with your husband, things that you have both worked on together. Turning your back on the things you have worked on together will not be easy and can take quite a heavy toll on you. Consider the ways in which a divorce will affect your life. You may find that a breakup will affect your life in more ways than you initially thought.


If your marriage has already resulted in children, you will remain with a link that you cannot remove no matter what you do. Consider the ways in which a breakup will affect the innocent kids. The breakup will make them learn about their father's affair, something that will affect them seriously. At least try to salvage your marriage as much as you can before throwing in the towel.


The way your husband has betrayed you will affect you that much because you still love him. It is true that you may be feeling like strangling him now that you know he's cheated, but deep down, you feel this way because you love him. There is nothing that can excuse his actions, but that is now water under the bridge. You should focus ahead rather than being tied to the past, which you cannot undo anyway. If your husband is prepared to turn a new leaf and work things out, you should at least give him the chance to try.

The potential

Although things appear to be out of control at present, you should not forget the fact that your marriage still has huge potential. As much as your marriage is not perfect, there are still many wonderful possibilities if you forgive your husband after he's cheated on you. You may get closer than you had ever been before, but the decision lies with both of you.

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