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Author: Chris Angus

I am going to tell my story about how I made my first million at a young age, heck, I'm still young. I will also tell how I finally found peace and happiness which was instrumental me becoming financially successful.

All my life I was an under performer, at almost everything I did. I failed a couple of years at school; I was bad at sports and just generally an "E" grade student.

This went on though my college career and I barley scraped through my qualification.

I went on to do a Microsoft Qualification which I really excelled at, this was strangely bizarre a I had just got on the course because I didn't know what I really wanted to do or where to go with my life. I even managed to get into the top 5% of all students.

I left the course at the end of the year and proceeded to try and find a job. Which I failed dismally at, the course I had taken was a very popular course and the IT market was flooded with people with this type of qualification.

Eventually I got a job working for my girlfriend's dad, and that only lasted about eight months, I then drifted from job to job. Never working for more than a year at any one place of employment.

I got pretty tired of being just a guy with pretty rubbish, low paying office type jobs so I decided to move to another country, thing that it would be much easier somewhere else. The grass is always greener…

This was really the start of my hardship, I struggled to get any type of job and after being really broke ended up working as a dishwasher in a hotel, I did this for six months and then moved to more of a proper sales job. Guess what that only lasted three months before I was fired.

This continual cycle never seemed to stop and went through another three jobs before I decided that I should maybe think about doing something that I wanted to do.

I decided that I had better start my own business so I couldn't get fired for one. It also puts the responsibility squarely on your shoulders, so if it all goes wrong it's no one else's fault but your own.

Since I know a bit about IT, I thought that it would probably be a good place to start. That's where it all began, I started offering basic IT services to small business owners, that lead to referrals, and it all snow balled.

I didn't take much money out the business, and kept my overheads low and reinvested as much as I could.

Within three years I had make over one Million Pounds, and had a business worth five times that.

To top it all off I am still under thirty.

The moral of the story is, be prepared to take the risk of starting your own business. Work hard and be smart. Don't rob your business as soon as you start making a bit of money.

You will succeed.

About the author: Christopher Angus is a website promoter and writer. He is available for hire at chris (at) He also Helps to promote the following sites:

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