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How To Dress Better: Tall & Skinny Men

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Author: Mark Bryant

This is a basic article on how to carry yourself more confidently for shorter men. Being short will not negatively affect your looks. If you know some fashion rules, a shorter man can be equally or better looking than taller guys. Its all about understanding the the style that fits your body type most.

Choose monochromatic look

Picking a top and pants that are monochromatic will prevent obvious breaks in your natural frame, and as a result can produce the sense of being lengthier than you really are.

Pick vertical stripes

Anything that elongates your height is to your benefit. For instance, vertical stripes in garments can help extend the appearance of your shorter body frame. Patterns such as pinstripe, chalkstripe, and herringbone also achieve the desired look.

Choose square-toed footwear

Pointy-toe shoes is recommended for taller menand your pant leg can cover the majority of your footwear. If you are smaller, however, long and big shoes will make you seem less like a professionaland more sloppy. Square-toe shoes are most suitable for you.

Wear heels on your shoes

Although you should avoid wearing overly oversized shoes, you should buy shoes with a high} heel. Dress boots are a fantastic option for shorter men, and there are a wide variety nice looking models available nowadays that can be matched with everything from casual to formal. To really allow yourself a boost in height, wear your dress boots with a longer pant leg that comes to the floor to cover up the heel.

Beware though; platforms or thick soles aren't always the best way to make short men seem taller. Teeteringis never in style, and a super high heel can make you appear like you're insecure and not relaxed with your smaller body frame. A quick personal recommendation, do check out, they are usually high quality and very stylish.

Big prints are a big no no

On smaller bodies, giant prints will be overbearing. the size of your prints should be proportionate to your body structure; i.e., select tinier prints, like microchecks.

Choose a short rise

The rise in your pants is the displacement between the crotch of your bottoms and the waistband. Shorter men should choose the shortest rise in their pants that they can get away with because a really long rise will make you look like you have a negative butt, as well as make what you've got in front appear not obvious. On the other hand, a short rise will really elongate your legs and avoid making your crotch and bottom area look oversized and spacious.

It's also advisable to avoid any kind of gathering into small wrinklesaround the hips. result of full pockets, or tight and badly designed pants. They will make you appear broader.

Pick a smaller necktie

Small to medium-sized neckties won't overwhelm a smaller body frame. Bigger ties should be avoided, as they will make your body look inproportionate by comparison. If you are very short, you might optto shop for ties that are both slimmer and shorter.

So now you have the know how on how to dress well when you are short, do make use these rulesin your real life. You will realize that by dressing smartly, you will have much more confidence during social encounters. Also, dressing well need not be a chore, just simple adjustments, and you will be ready in no time. Just dress up, pick up your go.

About the author: The author enjoys fashion and maintains a website about If you have interest about style, do visit

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