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How to Cook Pizza Using Dutch Ovens

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Author: Gary House

Cooking Pizza with Dutch Ovens

Do you love pizza and Outdoor Cooking? Cooking your pizza outdoors is a fun and exciting way of enjoying your weekend backyard barbeque party with your friends and family. For those who love camping who won't just miss their favorite dish, this is absolutely a great way to enjoy your vacation!

Haven't tried cooking your pizza outdoors yet? Well, read on and you'll find out how to create your own Dutch oven-cooked pizza like a pro!

Easy-to-make Dough

Many people find dough a bit hassle to make because they don't really want to spend long hours in the kitchen. So maybe you can just grab a pizza shop dough, just make sure it's frozen to keep it longer. But you have to try making your own dough. It's not really that hard and it'll just take less than an hour to make. You can prepare it earlier, maybe a day or two before your party so you'll have more time to prepare other things you need.

You can basically make your dough from scratch. All you need is all-purpose flour (unbleached), active dry yeast, oil, salt, sugar or honey, and lukewarm water.

Pizza ring and a stand

The most important thing you have to consider is of course, your tools. I love to cook my pizza using my Dutch oven. This is somewhat a little hard to handle especially for first timers so I suggest you make use of a pizza ring and a stand. The unique advantage of making use of such is the regulation of heat both on top and at the bottom simulating your indoor oven. Your Dutch oven will have the right amount of heat that will cook your pizza to perfection! And by using your Dutch oven, you can definitely add a little flair to your recipe because of the distinctive taste and aroma the smoke brings to your pizza.

Pizza Perfect!

I personally can not resist my pizza with mouth-watering golden crispy crust, lots of cheese and pepperoni and crispy bacon bits. The best thing about cooking your own pizza is that, you can overload it with your favorite toppings and simply omit some ingredients you prefer not to be found in your pizza (well, anchovy is one for me).

You can create your very own version and who knows, you might even get famous for your unique pizza recipe!

About the author: Gary House is the founder of Central California Dutch Oven Adventures and the host of who loves cooking outdoors with his Dutch oven for many years now. He has fun looking for innovative ways of outdoor cooking in what he calls "his adventures" and would love to share these adventures with everyone. For more information on product reviews, outdoor cooking recipes and techniques, please visit our website at:

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