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How To Clear Your Pilot Job Interview?

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Author: Khalid Soliman

Have you completed the pilot training and now looking for a suitable pilot job? Then post your resume on the various job sites and if you have even done this, then just prepare yourself for the interview. Do not blow your big day, and follow these simple yet effective tips to get the best pilot jobs available:

Gain Knowledge about the Airlines: This is very important for the interview. Before going to the interview, gain knowledge about the airline. Get every possible intrinsic detail about the airline's aircrafts, technicalities, bases, fleet, mission and vision, vacation policy and all the basic information possible. Some questions about the routes and technical performance of the aircraft are also being asked. At the end of the interview, you may face some frequently asked questions, so be prepared for everything.

Be Presentable: Dress and look your best when going for your aviation jobs interview. Women should wear business suit with well coordinated blouse. The amount of jewelry should be limited and moderate shoes should be worn. Hair should be properly and neatly tied and make-up should be sparse. Put light perfume and have your nails manicured. Men should dress in a blue or black suit with subtle colored, long sleeved shirt. A matching tie is always preferable. Light aftershave and minimal jewelry should be worn to the interview. Carry a smart portfolio or briefcase with you.

Be Physically Fit: Many airlines ask for medical certificates, so before going for the interview, undergo a physical fitness test. Some of the tests which you need to undergo are: blood test, vision test, a standard FAA physical test and a drug test. You may also have to give a psychological test, so be prepared for it. A pilot needs to have perfect eyesight as they won't be selected if they have to wear spectacles. You should be physically fit and have sound health before joining your pilot job.

Be Confident: Many employers may ask you agitated questions to test your confidence. Be patient and at the same time maintain your cool when facing your pilot interview. Don't sweat or get nervous when you enter the room. Be confident and enter the room with a smile on your face. Some eyes may even be watching all your activities when you are waiting for your turn. So just be in your best of behavior with everyone.

Qualification: This is the most important criterion for clearing the pilot interview. Take a proper pilot training course, which usually takes about 12 months to complete. Then apply for a pilot license. Be fluent with any of the foreign languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and German. Brush up your knowledge according to ATP standards. Carry your passport and certificates of completing school and college degrees with you when you go for the interview.

Apart from these tips, properly interact with your interviewer and don't be dumbstruck. These tips will surely help you in clearing your airline pilot jobs interview. All the best and just rock your interview.

About the author: Aero Career is a leading job portal that has been a pioneer in providing young professionals with desired positions for airline jobs. With a variety of sections within the aviation industry that is targeted - from managerial to airline pilot jobs and from cabin crew vacancies to sales-oriented jobs, Aero Career is one of the most beneficial recruitment portals existent in the UK today, serving to potential jobseekers all over the world.

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