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How to be a Stronger Character

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Author: Andy Sullivan

Strength of character is one of the most admirable qualities a person can have. Strength of character gives you the ability to overcome problems in life and challenges you might face. One of the biggest benefits of being more assertive is on changing your perspective on problems in to opportunities. All the great men and women of history have used their strength of character to lead others who look up to them. From having the strength of character to overcome your problems you will gain experience and become a better overall person.

Being a stronger character will make you more assertive and confident. You will have the soft skills to use in your social life and the hard skills to tackle and overcome problems that you face. Having strength of character is like having an emotional reserve that you can draw upon in times of need, but some people misunderstand what this means ; they think it means dominating or enforcing will on to others . Using your character in the right way will encourage others to follow your lead out of respect instead of fear. Strength of character is all about setting the right example.

There are many ways you can show strength of character in annoying situations. Try the following test the next time you are in a shop and want to make a complaint: Rather than shouting at the assistant to register your complain, try to speak calmly and with authority. Likewise, if you are raising a disagreement with a partner, ask for a quiet time to discuss things instead of shouting at the heat of the moment. Be clear in your head about what you want to say. Make sure you always give yourself time to think before you open your mouth, conduct yourself with class is the point here.

The individual in possession of great strength of character knows how to cope with change of circumstances in their lives. It is important for you to embrace and accept change, not fear the consequences of being bold in your actions. Therefore an important lesson to learn is how the self and the situation are not two separate entities. Controlling one effectively means you are also in control of another. The successful person does not fear any changes in their lives even if these are forced upon them by circumstances beyond their control. This is because the successful person is able to remind themselves that while they may not be in control of what happens to them; they are in control of how they react to them.

Strength of character also means making the right judgement calls. Before you make a decision on a course of action, decide whether the situation is really worth your time and energy, ask yourself whether or not you the problem merits your attention. Try to practice the art of making judgement calls on a situation.

Another sign that someone has great strength of character comes , funnily enough, from identifying weakness. This extends to being able to cope with accepting constructive criticism from time to time. Criticism isn’t always intended to undermine the receiver. Well-delivered specific criticism can provide useful information and need not cause offence. Most people like to hear positive feedback â€" it’s the negative feedback that really gets under your skin.

The people who demand perfection from themselves, or expect approval for their actions all the time, can often take criticism badly. However, the smart ones are those who listen and respond positively to all feedback. I knew a chef , who ran a lovely bistro in East London, who would get hold of the customer comments box and shake the comments box out on to a table every night, then he would pick out all the positive comments and throw them away. This might seem like madness, and I actually asked him why he did these things. He told me that the people who wrote the good comments would be back tomorrow, but those who wrote the bad needed his attention to return as customers. This story should, I hope, inspire you to be the best you can be, and make you see no shame in accepting advice when necessary.

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