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How To Avoid Being Late For Work And Maintain Punctuality

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Author: Silas Reed

So you have found your dream job? Now, I am sure, you would want to maintain very high performance levels in the job. Of course you do, performance counts most in determining your credibility in a company. But is performance the only thing that counts while measuring credibility of an employee?

Actually, it is not the only thing. While performance is the primary measuring bar in any business house, there are also other factors that are considered. Two major factors that are consider while measuring the credibility of an employee are discipline and dedication.

Discipline in work is one thing that an employer will always monitor. There are many employers that say as long as you meet your target, they are not worried about your discipline in work. This is true to an extent. However, when it comes to getting promotions or earning higher incentives, the employee who shows indiscipline at work is not very likely to get the nod. One of the main grounds of indiscipline is considered to be being late for work.

So why are employees usually late for work? There happen to be a plurality of reasons. One reason, why people often get late for work, is because of oversleeping. An alarm clock is a necessity for these kinds of people. Oversleeping needs to be eliminated by all dedicated workers. When you come to work late, you cause inconveniences to yourself as well as the company that you work for.

When you come to work late, you put added pressure on yourself as the amount of work keeps on filing before you finish them off. Also, when you come to work late, you cause distractions for other employees of your company.

Employers are very strict about their work timings these days; if you continue this trend over multiple occasions then you may very well expect to be penalized for such an offense of yours. Needless to say, even if you are not penalized physically for the first couple of times then also the impression that you make on your employer is bound to make you feel wretched in the course of time.

Make sure that you have not left the preparations for the morning of going to work. If you do not keep every thing ready on the night before, you are bound to misplace things in the haste which will get you late. When you reach late to work, excuses are the only things that you can resort to, which again are no favorites with the employers.

Keep coming to work late persistently and be rest assured to receive work letters of show cause. Sometimes, showing up late for work can even get you fired, so always be punctual at work.

About the author: Silas Reed, Writer for Hound writes articles that inform and teach about career advice. Please visit for a list of some of the many jobs we offer.

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