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How Men Suffer With Pattern Baldness?

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Author: Farnall Hayles

Male pattern baldness is the hair loss condition in the men, in which they lose the hairs in particular pattern. The hairs from the mid-frontal area and anterior area starts getting thinner, they fall, and in few months you get to see a bald patch on your head. The hair loss occurs is slow and steady manner that many people remain unaware of it, due to this negligence the hair loss problems results into the baldness. To culminate the hair loss issue it is necessary to understand the cause of the hair loss. This would help you to resolve the hair loss issue at the earliest. Read below the information on causes of male pattern baldness—

1. Hormonal Imbalance is the most prevalently observed male pattern baldness cause. The deficiency of the hormone testosterone and excessive production of the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) boosts the hair loss problem in men. The DHT reach the hair follicles, gets accumulated there, and disturbs the blood supply that results in inadequate supply of nutrients to hairs that weakens them and loosens hair grip over scalp, which results in baldness.

2. Prolonged Illness damages the hair growth of the men. If the person is suffering for a long time with the prolonged illness the supply of required nutrients for hairs is disturbed that boosts the hair loss. Scarlet fever and typhoid fever are few of those illnesses that promote the hair loss. Suffering with the cancer or diabetes for prolonged phase of time leads to the hair loss in men.

3. Nutrients deficiency deteriorates the overall health of the individual and it also diminishes the hair growth as the required nutrients for hair growth are unavailable. Deficiency of certain vitamins (Vitamin A and C), proteins, and minerals (Iron, Phosphorous, and Calcium) results into the baldness.

4. Air and water pollution are the environmental factors that harm the hair stature and leads to the baldness in men. Various hazardous chemicals are getting mixed in the water and air. This when comes in contact with the hairs deteriorates the hair health to a considerable extent, which leads to the hair loss.

5. Dust deposition is the factor that has now become a part of the air at many places. It moves freely through the air and gets deposited on the hairs. This makes the hair dry, which makes them go gray. The dust also reaches the scalp and damages it. Dust deposition leads to the thinning of hairs and loosens the grip of hairs over scalp. This certainly causes baldness over a period of time.

6. Thyroid diseases are closely linked with the baldness. It is the thyroid gland that plays a significant role in regulating the hormone levels in the body. Thyroid disorders results in the imbalance in the levels of the hormones, which contributes to the baldness in men. Whether you are suffering with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism the issue of baldness is certainly going to occur.

7. Genes are noted to influence the baldness problem in some men. In this case hereditary is supposed to the cause of baldness in men. The man whose father or grandfather had the baldness problem has double chances of facing the male pattern baldness problem. Scientific studies are being conducted to find out the exact gene responsible for passing the baldness information from one generation to another, but yet are not successful. Surely one day they will succeed and we would be able to take the precautionary measures to prevent baldness in men.

8. Old age certainly is one of the factors that cause male pattern baldness. As the person gets older the hair growth slows down. In the old age, even the hair loss is being augmented due to the overall health status of the person is deteriorated. The enough nutrients don't reach the scalp, which leads to the weakening of the hairs and even the testosterone levels in the old men are low. This certainly leads to the male pattern baldness issue.

9. Lifestyle factors equally contribute to the male pattern baldness. The unhealthy eating habit disturbs the nutrients levels in the body. This way the supply of the nutrients to the hairs is improper. Inadequate sleep is other lifestyle factor that contributes to the male pattern baldness. It is during the sleep that maximum hair growth takes place. So, if you sleep less then certainly your hair growth would be affected, which would further lead to the baldness.

10. Some medications or treatments give rise to the baldness in the men. In case you are taking the radiation therapy then it certainly is going to damage your hair follicles that would lead to the baldness on that particular area. Medicines like blood thinners (also called anticoagulants), oral drugs for high blood pressure or heart problems, birth control pills, antidepressants, and medicines to treat gout are noted to trigger the hair loss.

11. Infections of scalp lead to the male pattern baldness if they are not treated at the initial phase. The bacteria or fungal infections are noted to occur in the scalp area if you don't take proper care of hairs. To prevent the hairs from infections you need to wash them properly on regular basis. But, we generally neglect this thing that leads to the infections that further on leads to the baldness.

About the author: Farnall Hayles is an associate editor at and has been writing since 5 years. He has written on many topics including man and woman, relationship, health and also has done scientific writing.

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