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How A Halloween Mask Adds To Your Costume's Mystique

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Author: Monty Smith -

Halloween masks have come a long way over the years. What used to be a simple plastic mask with an elastic strap that held it in place has progressed to high-tech latex masks that would be right at home in the latest big-budget Hollywood horror flick.

When you want to really get into character for Halloween, completing your costume with a mask will make it complete. They also give you the confidence to really take on the role of your alter-ego, since nobody needs to know who you really are.

One of the biggest advantages of masks is they take minimal effort and skill to make them work. You might be able to achieve the same result with makeup, but unless you have the skills or know someone who does, it's tough to get the effect just perfect.

Part of the fun of Halloween is getting into character as someone you're not. You're free to "become" almost anyone - even if they're the complete opposite of your true personality.

A mask helps add to that mystique, since you don't even need to admit to who you really are in a lot of cases. If you want to scare the neighborhood kids as they arrive at your front door while trick-or-treating, or become the life of the party at the Halloween bash, you can check your "normal" self at the door and get right into playing the part.

When you dress up in a Halloween costume without a mask, everyone will just see you wearing a costume. With a mask to complete the effect, they'll see who you have "become" instead of who is inside the outfit.

When choosing a mask, make sure you get something that is comfortable to wear. You'll probably have it on for several hours, so if it's uncomfortable when you try it on, it's just going to get a whole lot worse as the night wears on.

About the author: Monty Smith writes about Halloween costumes and other Halloween-related topics for the One Scary Night website. Get more Halloween tips at

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