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Houston To Microsoft – Give Us IE “Light Speed”

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Author: Rafael Sosa

As explained in my previous article, Software Evolution (, there is a revolution in the software industry going on at this moment that attempts against the very core of Microsoft's dominance. New technologies, such as AJAX, which allow websites to provide a closer simulation of an offline application in an online, continuously updating environment are a threat to the offline software industry. We have yet to see a strong reaction from Microsoft to this threat. Despite several announcements from their management about online applications, the reality is that in the online world Microsoft is losing territory very quickly and online territory will soon be the software alternative of choice. To combat this problem, Microsoft needs to respond with a visible product that will win them back credibility and recognition in the online applications field. I have called "IE Light Speed" the concept that can do just that.

Internet Explorer is the first image a customer has about Microsoft's ability in the Internet and it's also the most used tool. Therefore, IE's operational efficiency and convenience have to be Microsoft's top priority in the battle for online territory. As of now, IE is not measuring up against its most powerful online browser competitor - Firefox. At first, I was reluctant to switch to Firefox, but IE would continue to get slower with time and would occupy much of my computer's resources. Firefox has been winning the support of webmasters and counts with a strong ally (Google). This alliance is a very dangerous one that Microsoft cannot lose sight of. Microsoft has the resources to win the battle against Firefox. IE Light Speed should be an incredibly efficient and fast loading Internet browser. Win back the webmaster community and you will begin to regain online territory. By creating a highly efficient online browser that is stripped out of the many additional features, you can create the deadly attack to Firefox. Give us a clean and fast alternative and just make the other features as add on modules. Allow easy access for regular webmasters and programmers to create modules, motivate them, and build an open community; you would be surprised how many excellent features will be developed. Yes, regular users will not be able to take full advantage of this light version, but many savvy Internet users will quickly adopt it and this will have a chain effect.

In the end, IE Light Speed will serve as a platform to launch new online applications as well as a boost to gain webmaster's recognition. Currently, high IQ individuals are looking to go to work somewhere else. Microsoft is no longer the place they want to be. This rebirth of Microsoft online approach could help Microsoft regain that appeal for bright minds. So, Microsoft - listen to Houston. Give us IE Light Speed.

About the author

Rafael Sosa has been in forefront of e-business development and digitizing of documents in Puerto Rico. Since 1999, he has worked extensively in the construction of websites and internet systems through the integration of an efficient international team. His articles can be found at

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