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History of the Traffic Exchanges

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Author: Samuel Abdullah

For website owners, getting traffic to their website is one of the primary ways in which the website owners can make money or get their information to the general public. As there are so many websites online today, there is quite a bit of competition with regard to website traffic. One way to obtain traffic on one's website is to get involved with traffic exchanges. The following will provide information relating to the history of traffic exchanges as well as highlight why these exchanges are beneficial to website owners.

The Beginning

Traffic exchanges came into existence sometime in the late 1990's when websites were starting to grow in quantity and more and more individuals were getting involved with website ownership and surfing the world wide web. The purpose behind the creation of traffic exchanges was to provide a way for website owners to gain traffic on their websites. The way in which the traffic exchanges work is that webmasters will agree to view websites of others and then the other individuals will view theirs. It is a way for website owners to work together to achieve a common goal, which is to get as much website traffic as possible.

Traffic exchanges are places where website owners get on a list to view other individual's websites and have their own viewed in return. There are many different traffic exchange websites which one can join and some of these will be paid sites whereas many others are free exchange sites. Over the past few years, traffic exchange sites have grown greatly in number and there are many to choose from if one is interested in getting involved with the traffic exchange system.

Beneficial Aspects of Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are beneficial for a few different reasons. First, using a traffic exchange is one of the easiest ways to gain traffic to one's website. There are many different traffic exchanges one can sign up for and it does not take long to register for such a convenient feature. Once a webmaster signs up at an exchange site, they simply have to visit some other sites and sit back while others visit theirs.

Another beneficial aspect of traffic exchanges is that many of these websites are free to sign up for and use. This makes it not only an efficient way to gain traffic to one's website but an inexpensive method as well. With free traffic exchanges, there really is no reason not to try them.


Traffic exchanges are relatively new to the Internet world yet they are already seeing wide popularity with webmasters all over the world. If a website owner is interested in trying a technique which will gain them website traffic in an effective, efficient and inexpensive manner, then traffic exchanges are the way to go.

About the author: Samuel Abdullah is an Internet marketer and has written on a variety of subjects. For more information visit or email him at:

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