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High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects

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Author: Sara Jenkins

The medicines given to a patient of High Blood Pressure are not given over the counter. Prior to the start of the High Blood Pressure Medication, the doctor and a patient hold a discussion. The actual count of the blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic is recorded to ascertain the type of High Blood Pressure Medication. The doctor also ascertains that the medicine prescribed is free from side effects for the patient's stage of Hypertension.. Despite these steps, the patient has to be prepared for other side effects that might occur in some cases.

The most common type of High Blood Pressure Medicines such as the Diuretic Drugs, can cause skin rashes in some patients. Another High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effect is the passing of more urine, as the Hypertension Drugs are given to rid the body of excess salts.

The Beta Blockers that are given to patients, who are in Stage II of the Blood Pressure Scale, are administered drugs like Timolol and Solalol. This High Blood Pressure Medication has side effects that can slow down the heart and open the blood vessels. These cause tiredness, sleeping problems and even coooling of hands and feet.

The CCB Drugs like Lacidipine and Felodipine have other side effects. Patients taking these High Blood Pressure Medications complain of swollen ankles, bleeding gums, the passing of urine at night and even constipation. For patients who have other complications along with their blood pressure problem, the medicines are given in combination with drugs related to their specific problems. These patients are usually on Alpha Blockers like Trandolapril and Perindopril.

The most common High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effect is incontinence among women patients. Dizziness is also a common side effect. The doctor should inform the patient of the High Blood Pressure Medication about the possible side effects.. Thus the patient can begin his High Blood Pressure Medication with full knowledge of the side effects it might cause.

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