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Hey, Landlords and Investors: 5 Reasons to Give Talks

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Author: Chris Wechner

Someone asked me to give a talk to his group, and I asked myself, "Should I do this?"

I gave the talk last night. My topic was stock investing, and this group was full of real estate investors. This isn't a surprise, because it is a real estate investing group.

I was pretty apprehensive to give this talk. I tried to find ways to relate my stock material with the real estate audience.

I threw in some information about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). I compared buying shares of these to actually purchasing investment property.

Still! Most of these people weren't interested to learn about stocks.

You know how I know?

Many of them were somewhere between yawning and actually sleeping. (Nobody snored!)

Anybody who has ever heard me knows that I'm energetic, if nothing else. So my presentation style is not considered boring. (This is self-proclaimed.)

So I have to figure that it was the material.

Did I waste my time and effort?

I say, "NO!"

Reasons to Give Talks

1. Practice: Any practice can only make you better. Even if this was a bomb, then it gets me closer to perfection later when I'm addressing the "right" group.

2. Gain Expert Status: More people know me, and they see me as the "expert." This is a nice way to be known. Has anyone ever heard of referrals?

3. Special Eyes: The people who ran it were genuinely excited, and my topic wasn't their ordinary one. There were several others that seemed to get a lot from it, and they had a lot of intelligent questions. Several people asked me if I could speak at other groups. You never know who will see you.

4. Gain Following: You develop a following. How often do you hear people mention that they do business with a person. If you have people who follow you, specifically, how can your competition beat you? How can anyone else be better at being you than you?

5. Free Advertising: You get to show off your way of thinking and represent your service (this is advertising, isn't it?) without having to pay one penny.

So if anyone wants a speaker, I know what I'll probably say. With any luck, I'll be so busy that I may have to delay my ability to say, "Yes."

About the author: To learn more contact Section 8 Pros (248) 757-0926 or go to Section 8 Pros helps landlords and tenants meet each other's needs, focusing primarily on the Detroit city and surrounding areas. They help out of town investors keep their properties productive.

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