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Author: Keith Londrie

Never before has such a book hit the market!
-- T. Wilsom

Without Money to be Made Online I?d be lost!
-- Sue Hemmings

A few years ago, before online marketing became my full time job, I had the same life as most other workers, I worked. The thing about work is that you don?t like to do it. Often people associate work with a ?job? and a ?boss.? But wouldn?t you like to be your OWN boss?

It wasn?t until I ran across this booklet that my online career started to sky rocket. Today I?m going to compare this book to others, and exaplin why exactly it?s the only book I recommend to my trainees and colleagues.

First of all, numbers count. In the game of online marketing and selling products, whether they?re third party or your own, people like numbers. Everyone likes to get 2 free bonuses with their purchase. When you buy Money to Be Made Online, you get the bonuses, plus more. The book is filled with over 877 tips and tricks, that have taken years to accumulate.

Instead of scouring the internet, signing up for mass email lists, dealing with ridiculous amounts of spam, and even spending money on countless eBooks, I recommend everyone I know in the industry to one simple book. There are many unique attributes that I wont go into here, but I want to let you know just a few.

It?s not about the quantity of the tips or tricks, but the quality. Each chapter builds on the last, introducing a perspective of online marketing rarely seen. This book is changing how people do things. What took me nearly 4 years to learn, is detailed in this book in ways that surpass my level of expression! It?s simplistic yet detailed, straight forward and matter of fact. This book is no joke.

Every time I read the book I learn something new, and I?m always referencing to it. Without this I would?ve been a lost dog with no cause. However my business was saved because I went from A to Z, cover to cover, and applied what I learned.

I want to take some time to stress the importance of knowledge. Knowledge in this industry is what saves time and money. But more importantly it?s about how you use that knowledge. Money to Be Made Online not only tells you ?what?s up,? but ?how to.? With Money to Be Made Online your business will experience a change like never before.

I personally use the book as a reminder of all the hard work I?ve done, and the responsibility I have to my customers to provide the best of services. That?s what it basically comes down to in any business, service.

With Money to Be Made Online I learned about the concepts that drive business, what makes people buy your product, and why people don?t buy your product. It?s not about convincing people to buy, but the way you ?let them know? that you provide a service is crucial.

One of the most important lessons I learned from Money to Be Made Online is that you can?t pressure the customer, but by hard work and real quality products, your business will grow. You must always remember, you serve the customer, and in exchange the return a piece of their services, in cash form. They too have services they provide to other people.

All in all I?d recommend this book to just about anybody. Not only has it helped me online, but it opened my eyes to what life is about. We?re here to serve, and I do it with pride!

About the author: Keith Londrie II is a successful Webmaster and the owner and publisher of A website that specializes in providing tips on how to REALLY make money online that you can research on the internet in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home. Visit today!

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