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Help to Quit Smoking

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Author: James Tilbury

Some smokers find it hard to get help quitting smoking. Some don't even want to admit that they have a problem because they think smoking is just like any other daily activity which they could enjoy like watching TV, reading a good book, or doing some of their past times.

They know that smoking has lots of bad effects to their bodies and overall lifestyle, but they do not want to quit because of the things that they claimed smoking can do to them such as calming their nerves and feeling that light headed rush whenever they inhale the cigarette smoke deeply. This should be the very first thing that smokers should try to resolve. After admitting that they really have a problem or maybe an addiction that they should really face head on and try to break free from, then everything will be easy.

If you are one of these people but you have already accepted the fact that you have a problem and that you want to solve it, then here is a list of tips for you to quit smoking.

Research about your addiction. The best way to beat an enemy is to know it well. Know the reasons why you smoke and try to address those reasons in a different manner. For instance, if you smoke to feel calm and relaxed before a presentation or any big event, then research on how you can be calm without the help of cigarette. Remember that you can do anything without relying on a small stick of cigarette. Don't let it control you,get over your dependence. You should also learn the methods and steps how you can fight it and the results if you continue doing it and if you stop. Know smoking inside out.

Consult your doctor so that he'll know what you are planning to do and guide you accordingly. An expert's advice always helps. Listen to your doctor and formulate with him a good plan and strategy for quitting smoking.

Tell your loved ones about this very important decision. Nothing beats having a great support team in a situation like this. Aside from their constant reminder and encouragement, their love and care are other factors which will strengthen your will and resolve t quit smoking.

You have to know that quitting an addiction like smoking is not going to be easy. There will be times when you will feel deprived because you cannot enjoy something that you like doing. There will also be instances when your body will feel weak-you will feel light headed, dizzy, have headaches, and sweat a lot. This is normal. In these moments, you have to be stronger. do not give in to the temptation of smoking just because you feel these discomforts. After you have overcome these physical symptoms of breaking your habit, it will be gone and will be all worth it.

Just keep in mind that quitting smoking is not as simple as you might think it would be. There will be moments of weakness but the only important thing is to keep going and never give up.

About the author: James Tilbury is an ex smoker who struggled to kick the nasty habit for years, he eventually found a way to quit easily and has never gone back to the cigarettes, now spends his time helping others to quit the nasty habit in the easiest way he can. You can find out more about the easiest way to quit smoking at

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