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Having An Amalfi Coast Wedding That Will Knock Your Socks Off

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Author: Kimberly Murgatroyd

Just looking at the magnificence of the Amalfi coast will knock anybody's socks off, more so if you have your wedding there. Described as "paradise found", the amalfi coast never fails to awe and inspire everybody. Well known as a wedding destination, the Amalfi coast offers the best that is there when it comes to landscapes, weather, food, music and the people.

Positano, a town in the Amalfi coast is considered the "gem of the coast". Saying the marriage vows on a terrace atop a hill, surrounded by the blueness of the sky and the power of the turquoise waters beneath, now who would not want that. Add to that the wide variety and great flavors of the food, the wonderful entertainment and music. Being surrounded by loved ones and having the time of your lives. Having the reception at a garden full of colorful bougainvilleas and different kinds of flowers. Such beauty all around that one could just stare and wonder if this is all real or a dream.

The San Francisco Cloisters is a historical place, a former Benedictine monastery with mostly pillars and arches. This venue is always visited for photo shoots because of its historical value and the greenery which give out a magical atmosphere. If a couple wishes to have a wedding venue that is significant in the history of the Amalfi coast and of Italy then this is the perfect place for them.

Sorrento Town Hall evokes nostalgia. It is an old-fashioned but glamorous town hall in Italy. If the couple wishes to have a classical wedding venue, they would surely love this place.

If it is privacy that a couple wants, Villa Fondi is the best bet. It is usually suggested as a venue for photo shoots because of its fairy tale like ambiance. Most women yearn to have a fairy tale romance, what better place to live out that dream than to hold your wedding here and say your vows with your prince charming on your side at this magnificent place.

Also another option is the Ravello Town Hall because of its gorgeous views of the Amalfi coast.

It is described as "halfway between the sky and the sea". If you want to have your wedding near the angels then this place should be it.

Remember, your wedding should be planned according to what you have always imagined and dreamed. This is what the Amalfi coast is all about. This is what dreams are made of.

About the author: Kimberly Murgatroyd is the author of "How to Get Married in Positano" - compulsory reading for anyone wanting more information on planning an Amalfi Coast wedding. For a FREE 10 part mini-course on "The Secrets to Getting Married in Positano Italy"! go to

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