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Handy Hints On Caring For Your Engagement Ring.

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Author: Andy Moquin

Ok, you have that gorgeous sparkler on your finger. Now you want to keep it there, safe, sound and sparkling. Try these tips to ensure your engagement ring lasts a lifetime.

Cleaning. Hand creams, sunscreen lotions, beach sand, dirt from the garden, and cooking ingredients can all reduce the sparkle of your engagement ring. Not to mention build up around the setting. There are several safe ways to keep your engagement ring dazzling.

Jewelry cloths are one way to quickly polish up the metal surrounds. Tubs of commercials jewelry cleaner are generally safe for the traditional diamond engagement ring. However, not all other gems are safe to clean this way, for example pearls and opals. Really grimy engagement rings can benefit enormously from a little dish washing liquid, a soft toothbrush and a little warm water. However, we do recommend that you put the plug in the sink before you start!

Safe Storage. Find a safe place to store your engagement ring and be consistent. There is nothing worse than a misplaced ring. Don't just leave your engagement ring on the drainer when doing the dishes, or on the bathroom bench when showering. One flick of the towel and it could be bye-bye ring, hello plumber. The box the engagement ring came in can be a great storage place to start.

Beware harsh chemicals. Some cleaning products and harsh chemicals can damage your engagement ring. If in doubt, wear gloves, or better still remove your engagement ring first. For those constantly in contact with nasty chemicals, titanium engagement and wedding rings are corrosion proof.

Beware heavy duties. If you are planning on rendering a brick wall, or are spending a whole day in the garden, you may want to remove your engagement ring first. Yes, they are sturdy, but why knock it around, and scratch the setting when you don't need to?

Insurance. Insuring your engagement ring comes down to personal choice. If you can't afford to replace it, and you would be devastated without it, you might like to investigate various insurance policies. It can be a great idea to read the fine print and check exactly what you are covered for. Are you covered for a mugging, if the center stone just falls out, if you misplace it, or if it falls off at the beach?

Regular jeweller checks. Some engagement rings come with annual check-ups by the manufacturer. This can be a great way to get settings checked, a good clean and polish, and any reshining or replating that might need doing. Otherwise, every year or so, have your local jeweller run his eye over it for any wear or tear that may need repairing.

Your engagement ring, much like a marriage, needs a little attention to maintain its original splendor.

About the author: Andy Moquin has spent 20 years in the jewelry industry with much of his experience in polished diamonds, engagement rings , wedding rings , rings and custom jewelry design. He is an accomplished business consultant and is available for advice on topics such as marketing, advertising, merchandising and business turnarounds.

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