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Guide to the Barbell Hack Squat

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Author: John Gibb

The barbell hack squat allows for the benefits of weighted squats to be utilized with an emphasis on safety over the traditional barbell squat. This exercise works the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus. It's important to use good form when doing any type of lifting.

For this reason it's strongly recommended to have a spotter present. Not only can a spotter help you when you reach muscle fatigue, but they can also help motivate and guide you in using proper technique.

To begin this exercise, stand in front of a barbell with your selected amount of weight. Your legs should be just in front of the barbell. Enough so that it easy for you to bend down and grab the bar.

Keeping your back straight, squat down and grab the bar. Your hands should be wide enough for your arms to feel comfortable while standing with the bar in your hand. You'll also want to grasp the bar with your palms facing behind you. Remember to keep your elbows slightly bent as well.

Begin the lifting the bar by standing, extending your legs. Your arms shouldn't move during this motion. Keep your back straight and stand, making sure not to lock the knees. Bend the legs and return to the beginning position. Once a set is started, the bar should not touch the ground again until the repetitions for that set are complete.

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