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Great Weight Loss Tips

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Author: Joanne McMahon

Any weight loss programme requires determination, dedication and will power. I love food. Most of us do but I have to practice great self control and will power to maintain a healthy weight. I love to cook and I enjoy making exotic tasting dishes. I have to be really strict on allowing myself to enjoy these exotic foods in moderation and not overloading my plate. I, like many have a tendency to over indulge unless I make a concerted effort to be disciplined. Balance is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. It is really important when you are trying to lose weight that you DON'T go back for seconds and manage your portion sizes.

Seconds and huge servings can derail your diet. Use your hand to judge correct sizes. An average sizing of meat, poultry or fish should be the size of the palm of your hand. Make your food look attractive. Prepare yourself an appealing breakfast. Try an omelette with fresh herbs and tomato. Eating breakfast will boost your metabolism. Think about why you are about to eat. Is it stress, anxiety, emotional, boredom? If it is one of these things, get busy, clean the house, phone a friend, go for a walk! Distract yourself! One successful tip to stop you snacking is to clean your teeth. It is an instant turn off for eating. The more snack foods you have on hand, the more likely you are to eat them.

Remove temptation from your fridge or cupboard. Stop including them in your shopping trolley. Your scales will thank you and you will save money. Every time you reach for a sugary soda, commit to replacing it with a glass of water and reap the health benefits. Drinking at least two litres of water a day will speed up your weight loss so start drinking water. It is free and one of the worlds best weight loss and health remedies. Vinegar is a great appetite suppressant. Mix it with a little olive oil and use it s a salad dressing. Add bitter leaves to your salad.

Rocket and endive are great for lowering the internal body temperature. Enjoy a salad before eating your main meal. You will not only increase your vegetable intake but you will consume 20 percent less calories. Half fill your dinner plate with greens and then add a quarter each of lean protein and carbs!!!! Restrict your consumption of white rice, white pasta, white potato and white bread. These foods should be avoided when trying to lose weight. Skip the butter, margarine, sauces and gravy's. They will add heaps of unwanted calories. Replace gravies and sauces with spices. Spices really boost the metabolism and add flavour to food. Avoid alcohol and diet soft drinks or normal soft drinks. If you must have an alcoholic drink, choose one standard glass of red wine three times a week only. Always keep a food diary while on your weight loss programme and record your weight loss journey. Research shows that those that reach their goal weight believe that they will succeed.

The most important weight loss tip is to set your mind, body and soul up for success. Be positive and speak in a positive manner about yourself and your achievements. Re-affirm to yourself that You CAN achieve your weight loss goal and think only that you will get there! Say to yourself, I can, I will, I am.

Eat to live and not live to eat. You will feel amazing!

About the author: Joanne McMahon is a writer and a health and wellness consultant in Australia currently working with many people to change their lives through healthy eating.

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