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Google Cash is a Scam - Make Money Online with a Real Internet Business Opportunity

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Author: Tim Hickey

The Scam of Google Cash

Google did not go all out and immediately condemn Google Cash as being a scam. Being an organization with legal representation, Google Cash stated it was not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way associated with Google. This should have made people steer clear of the program, but when you are promised to make money while you sleep without doing any work, well, then the game becomes irresistible.

Google Cash has been named a scam and the various 'legitimate' sites which were promoting the program have reversed their stance and begun to condemn it. Any online marketer has at one time or another been burned by an 'internet business.' There are hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing programs out there that have a web address, physical address, and phone number which make them look 'real.' A couple of years down the line, and a whole lot of people out thousands, and in some cases million, of dollars and wham, it's a scam! Some are so hard to tell and can fool even the experts.

I have listed items on Craigslist and eBay and received a message informing me the person paid for the item through PayPal, even sending me a 'PayPal' receipt. In the three instances I am talking about the person asked me to ship the diamond ring to Nigeria, even supposedly including an extra $100 for shipping. Since I use PayPal all of the time I knew right away the emails were fake, but they could have fooled, and probably have, a lot of people. I would not be shocked to find out that the people behind these fake PayPal emails are involved in some others scams!

Real Internet Business Opportunity

If a company is promising you thousands of dollars a day within days of starting a program, I can almost guarantee it's a scam. The only people to make money with those kinds of programs are the person who started it. However, a program which suggests their internet business opportunity pays well but will actually take hard work for the first few months; well, I would give such a company a try.

The online marketing business is like any traditional business, to make it a success you have to keep working at it and build a successful network. Once a 'brand' has been created, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the money to start rolling in. Then it's simply a matter of keeping up the system with any new market changes or opportunities.

Make Money Online?

So are there any legitimate ways to make money online? Sure there are. There are tens of thousands of sites which connect employers to potential employees, like There are referral sites, like Salesconx and urefer, which pay you if you refer a client to them. There are affiliate sites, which allow you to promote their programs and get paid in the form of leads, pay per click, and/or a percentage of the sales.

Simply put, the only thing you need to make money online is a blog or website, which you drive traffic to, and a link to any of the different programs you are promoting. Obviously, getting traffic to you blog or web site will require you to learn internet marketing. It will be a slow process but you sure can make money while you sleep a couple of months down the road!

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