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Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health: 5 Simple Ways to Get Started

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Author: Debs de Vries

When you feel good, your life seems to work so much better doesn't it? Maybe as a child, you can remember how much energy you had as you jumped out of bed every day and how much more confident you felt in working towards your goals and dreams. For many people though, health is an issue and not having enough energy really makes life difficult to manage.

Then why not give yourself a few moments, right now, to consider the following 5 ideas to get you on the road to good health. Just before you do, relax and take a few slow, deep breaths. Set an intention to really honour yourself by giving yourself the time and attention you need to create effective change.

1. Ask yourself, right now, what area of your health secretly concerns you?

Maybe you feel tired too often, or you have a worry about your weight, or heart/digestion/joint pain? Just relax and allow yourself to see what is concerning you in an observational way. Next, imagine what your feelings might be if this issue wasn't hanging over you. For instance, would you feel: safer:happier: more relaxed or stronger? Just write down all the words that describe how being healthier will make you feel.

Keep this list somewhere easy to read - in your purse, wallet or as a screen saver - to remind you what the bonus of a positive change in your health will be and also take steps to discuss your concerns with your health care provider. Make a plan that works for you. Simply acknowledging your fears can free up a lot of energy.

2. Allow yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to move your body.

Be smart about this - if time is short, dance while the kettle boils! Do some squats before you get in the shower - even just 5 minutes of moving your joints, skipping, bouncing will help you to start your day in a way that energises you. You'll find you are more likely to want to exercise later in the day if you've started like this.

3. Eat breakfast - and ring the changes.

A great start to the day is a glass of warm water with a big squeeze of lemon juice in it. You need an empty stomach for exercise, so this is ideal as your first drink. If you're used to caffeinated drinks you may feel this is a big thing to ask, but the buzz from the exercise should help. Eating a nourishing breakfast is a key to having energy throughout the day. Choose foods that are low in refined sugar for optimum effect. Think 'more' than cereals. Eggs on spinach; rice and vegetables; grilled lean bacon and tomatoes: fish - all help to give you a boost in the morning. Vary your breakfast foods. Avoid having wheat every day. Choose rice or oat based cereals and bread some days. Cottage cheese is a great source of protein, as is yogurt. In the summer, why not peel yourself an exotic mango in the morning and add some chopped bananas and pecans for a very special summer taste. If you don't like to eat first thing in the morning, then drinking a protein shake or a fruit smoo!

thie is a great idea? A glass of smoothie and a handful of dried fruit can be a good start, then you could eat something mid-morning

4. If you drink alcohol, allow yourself a night off as often as possible.

Alcohol takes 24 to 48 hours to clear your system and plays havoc with your liver, skin, sugar levels and temper. Try drinking mocktails, alcohol-free wines and lagers once in a while. If you are socialising and you really feel you need a lift I recommend herbal helpers: try Party Potion (Moon Flower and Calamus) from, or just dab a drop of Geranium essential oil onto your inner wrist. Essential oils of Rose and Geranium are natural mood enhancers. You can add 3 or 4 drops of each to bath water, or mix 3 with 500 ml of water in a spray bottle, and spray your rooms and car. For natural gentle feel-good moments put them in a diffuser/burner.

5. Rest when you come home for at least ten minutes

When you get home, lie on the floor and put your lower legs onto a soft chair or sofa, so they are supported. Make sure you are warm, (cover yourself with a blanket if necessary) close your eyes, and just listen to your breath for ten minutes. When you are ready to get up, roll over on to your right side, slide your legs down onto the floor and slowly push yourself up to a sitting position.

These five ideas are just a small selection from the many that I use and advice my clients to use: they have been found to be very helpful in supporting a progeny of good health. I hope you enjoy trying out these ideas and that they make a positive difference to your well being.

About the author: Debs de Vries helps people to enjoy their lives and get more out of them by providing audio and coaching work that is based on a meditation/relaxation approach. She is also the UKs Number One provider of guided relaxations and over 300,000 of her podcasts have been downloaded worldwide. To hear a free sample go to: =>

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