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Get Your Pet Business Organized

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Author: Renske Buursma

When you get your pets and pet business organized, you can save a lot of time, money and headaches caused by mismanaging your inventory - and your time and life. Instead of looking for things (like pet collars, medications, training instructions, website content and images) and buying duplicates because you can't find what you already have, you'll be much better prepared to find and conquer your clutter.

So get ready for better organization, everything you hopefully need for your pets and business - all in one place. In no particular order, try these helpful organizational tips.

Basic Offline & Online Organizing for Your Business

Your main focus with organizing is to set up a main area for gathering all of your pet information and materials together so that everything is handy, all in one place. Note that whatever organizational methods, device and systems you use do not need to be costly. Choose what works for you and is in your budget level.

Begin by taking a look around your home or other work environment. You need a place where you can establish your organizational headquarters; a spare bedroom, downstairs vacant sitting room, breezeway, basement area, outer attached storage area, shed, garage area, barn or other out building, as examples. When you find a place, start working on your organization there, focusing on these main points:

* Build up your own reference and information center with all of business documents: pet guides, pet health books, invoices, receipts, instructions for equipment, product and service brochures, etc. You can build this within a chest of drawers, file cabinets, book cases, durable plastic stackable containers or any type of shelves.

* Within your storage space, also insert folders to help separate your materials and keep things neat and easily accessible.

* Establish an area for your continued business and pet training information and other educational materials: CDs, DVDs, books, how-to tapes, audio cassettes, magazines, helpful articles clipped form newspapers and newsletters and copied off of the Internet, reports, guides and other learning aids.

* Add small shoeboxes or other storage units for holding your paper clips, staples, pens, pencils, note pads, ruler, glue stick tape measure, tape, etc.

* And when you have your main central area filled in, arrange your other business equipment (computer, fax machine, phone system, etc.) and pet supplies (extra food and treats, toys, bedding, etc.) in surrounding storage cabinets, shelves, bins or other types of units of various sizes and on nearby wall hooks. Visit your local hardware or discount stores for good organizational aids.

So plan ahead and get organized. Save time, money and aggravation when you grab what you need the first time around. And invest in your business, your customers and your self instead!

About the author: Renske Buursma, pet store owner with lots of helpful articles and a free newsletter about pet care at

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