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Funny T-Shirts Make A Great Ice Breaker With Women

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Author: Spencer Powers

Throughout history men have tried every technique available to pick up women. Some guys use a straight forward approach and others use cheesy pick-up lines. Lately a new trend has been emerging that seems to work better for men than any traditional pick-up techniques. Men across the country have been wearing t-shirts with funny sayings on them to get women to flock to them. It sounds ridiculously simple but it works.

The reason that the shirts are so effective is because often a woman will have an interest in you but not how to let you know. By wearing a funny shirt you give them a reason to come talk to you. All they have to say is "I like your shirt" and let out a little chuckle and the conversation is started. ( ) has a line of hilarious t-shirts that will have have women everywhere laughing hysterically upon reading them. Some of the standout shirts are:

"I went to a t-shirt shop and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

"Your Dum"

"Procrastinators Anonymous: Meetings Start Tomorrow"

So instead of worrying so much about going to the gym and getting in shape, spending tons of money on expensive clothes and baking in the tanning salon, go out and grab yourself a few funny t-shirts - They work much better!

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Spencer Powers is the Marketing Direct of ( ) and also ( )

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