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Fruit Is One Of The Best Home Remedy For Hemorrhoids

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Author: John D Slimm

Hemorrhoids are considered to be swollen and inflamed rectal veins that cause varying degrees of discomfort - especially when passing stool. Constipation is probably the most common cause of hemorrhoids. With a few diet changes you can actually eliminate the occurrences of hemorrhoids!

To avoid constipation that causes hemorrhoids, a diet rich in fiber is required to help promote peristalsis or bowel movements. A high fiber diet is as good as taking a stool softener tablet and is a preferred method because it's natural. You should always find natural ways to keep your body health and if these fail then you can start taking medication. If you have never had hemorrhoids, it is suggested you start eating high fiber foods and drinking plenty of water. For those already nursing these swollen veins then there are home remedies for hemorrhoids that work as good as medicine.

High fiber foods include bran cereal, fiber enriched yogurts, and many other products found in supermarkets. But do not go overboard! You need to give your body time to adjust to a higher fiber diet. Remember if you eat a lot of fiber foods in a short time, you can end up having diarrhea which in turn still causes hemorrhoids.

A diet balanced with fresh fruit and berries is a great natural way to help prevent hemorrhoids. Although fresh produce is somewhat expensive, spending the extra money on these food products will ensure that your diet is balanced and thereby eliminating the costs of future medical attention from not eating them. Try eating them fresh, boiled or fried. Some of the best fruits for hemorrhoid prevention are:

* Cantaloupe which has high fiber, and will also give you the vitamins and minerals needed by your body.

* If you have had constipation for a long time or you have a baby with this problem, eat some papaya and you will be surprised at its effect.

* Another fruit considered as one of the home remedies for hemorrhoids is a banana.

* Cranberry juice.

* When shopping for the above fruits don't forget the black and red currants. They are known to contain rutin and other minerals that get rid of pain you many feel in the anal area.

In cases whereby the hemorrhoid symptoms are severe the above remedies may not work. If you are bleeding and feeling a great deal of discomfort, fill the bathtub with warm water and add some salt - soak yourself. The aim is for the swollen vein to be socked in the water 3 times a day offering relief.

You can also try using ice and wrapping it with some cloth then put in on the hemorrhoids, this will stop the bleeding and swelling. All in all, you really should not have to suffer the ailments of hemorrhoids! A simple balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and fiber will keep your body not only healthy, but hemorrhoid free!

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