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Freelife International Review - Is Freelife an Opportunity Or a Scam?

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Author: Joshua Fuson

Freelife International is a health and wellness company that is best known for distributing the Himalayan Goji juice. They are also a network marketing company, which means that people can join as marketing executives and become re-sellers of their products.

The question is simply this: Is Freelife a great opportunity...or a NOT so great opportunity? Let's take a look.

Freelife - The Background

Freelife was founded in 1995 by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier, and grew quickly. In 2000, it made the Inc. 500's List Of Fastest Growing Businesses, and has since expanded into several companies and territories throughout the world. The success of Freelife has been in large part due to the health claims made by the Goji beverage, which supposedly supports the immune system to defend against all sorts of ailments. They have since expanded their product line into the GoChi beverage as well.

Freelife - The Business

Freelife uses a network marketing model of distribution to sell their products. This means that they depend on distributors for their marketing efforts. One thing they do very well is encourage their representatives to lead with the benefits of the products first, which leads to increased retention down the road. They pay out a 20% commission for first line enrollments, and are emphatic on leading with the benefits of the product in marketing efforts.

Marketing Freelife - Friends and Family?

Being a network marketing business, they do encourage their reps to utilize warm-marketing techniques to grow their business. While this is the fastest way to get 2 distributors and 5 product users, many distributors run into trouble with warm-marketing techniques in building a long-term business. Turning friends and family members into prospects will work if it's your very first network marketing business, and they have never heard of network before. However, in order to grow a substantial organization, you need to understand how to target the masses of people looking for the benefits of the products you are offering, and build systems that bring these types of people to you on a daily basis.

To sum, Freelife is certainly not a scam, but success is not just a case of "finding 3 who find 3". In order to be truly successful and build up a long-lasting organization from scratch, you must know how to think like a marketer, not just a network marketer.

About the author: Joshua Fuson is a professional marketer, and has participated in the generation of over $14 million dollars in the direct-marketing industry in the past 4 years alone. To find out more about Josh, see The Goji Success Plan at Freelife International/.

You can also learn more about growing a successful Freelife business, get the free Freelife Success Plan by visiting Freelife International/.

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