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Freedom Comes From Within!

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Author: Arthur Buchanan

Whenever you have a tuff question and you don't know what way to turn you must be silent and calm without fear and look deep within your soul to find the though questions. Have you just listened to yourself breathe and stop to feel your pounding heart and think to yourself if I DON'T GO WITHIN I MUST BE MISSING SOMETHING, THEN I MUST BE GOING WITHOUT!

Without some soul searching you shall never be happy and know exactly what your purpose in life is as mine is to reach teach with powerful speaking, that is the gift that GOD has blessed me with. You need to have quite time and reach deep within yourself to find what you are all about. This is in time what you know and that there is a higher power, you to will know end has it shall let you know that you can reach within to answer some of your tougher question in life.

BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I, AM GOD! Silence is at TIMES GOLDEN YET IF YOU, STOP AND LISTEN YOU, CAN HEAR THE RHYTHM TO LIFE IN A LAUGH AND A CRY, WHEN YOU HEAR TRAFFIC IF LISTEN VERY CLOSELY THERE IS A RHYTHM TO IT ALL, I Know you are saying this guy is crazy, now wait a minute have you ever really listened before really listened to the calmness of thing

Have you ever just stopped and put your ear to the ground? If you do you shall be startled at what you may hear and when you realize what you'll find is that this crazy guy really has something here and that you really can hear the sounds of a whisper in the cold stale night's air, and the whisper spoke volumes to your inner most man as you saw something that you never quite realized was there before.

Have you ever shut your eyes at bedtime and were not able to sleep? Well wasn't it peaceful beyond belief Was it a time you look forward to the next time that it may happen, whenever it may be? That's what I mean when I say you must go within or you will go without. Reach deep inside yourself and see what you find it just may surprise you what you shall see You are not empty I can assure you that you will surprise yourself with your findings.

Now try to set aside some peaceful time that is just for you, put on some meaningful music or just be still and see what you come up with, you will thank me that you now know what to do with some of that free time that you never know what to do with it now you know. BE STILL, BE RELAXED, BE CALM, FEEL THE RHYTHM OF THE DAY!

Yet in the stillness of night come yet but another dream, a dream of what may be and is yet to come, that turns into another day and the warmth of the sun.

Yet a day turns to night and night unto day, in the spring life has begun and at an end it must be, as the coldness and bitter snow wipe yet another tear from the face. Its frozen winds blow ever so bristly without the price it must pay for the dark side of man who is a but a haze now as he shutters with fear at the ending of yet another grim year!

As freezing rain falls and lies over in a still small glaze, unto the darkness of night into the fall of yet another day, as the sun slowly rises and melts away the frowziness of night, and yields way unto the light of a brand new day, it is your day, use it, mold it, shape it to any form that you so chose.

The day is now warming as the sun is resins slowly unto yet the heat of the day, bask in the glory of the newness of life, as life has now begun, your life is hit in the warmth of the sun. The sun is the key as the light it may be, so walk out of the darkness and into the warmth and you'll see a brand new life that has gotten to be free, freed by the stillness, the stillness that is deep down inside of me.

When the words are hurting others and they serve no purpose they just as well must not be spoken, as to waste the valuable power that is behind them, as words are centerpieces of our life as the words set up feelings and feelings they must be, as if the spoken word surely is chosen properly shall set you free, as freedom is a state, a wonderful state of being that shall mold and shape you unto the me being me.

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Arthur Buchanan

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With Much Love,
Arthur Buchanan
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