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Four Steps that Prove Women's Health Can Improve With Age

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Author: Chris Robertson -

In our society, we're constantly bombarded with images and messages that tell us that the process of aging is rife with negatives - that our health and beauty deteriorate, that our mental health is in peril, and that we're basically in a downward spiral until we die. Despite these messages, people are living longer than ever before, both in terms of the number of years we live and the quality of our lives. The truth is, there is such a thing as healthy aging, and women's health can improve with age.

There's no doubt that any number of factors can work against our goal of healthy aging. Genetics certainly play a part in the way we age, but only about a third of the aging process is attributable to our genes. The rest is completely within our control.

The first step toward healthy aging and women's health is to take an objective assessment of our habits and lifestyles. For instance, there's no longer a good excuse to continue smoking. Not only have laws made it more difficult to light up in public, but there are also any number of over the counter smoking cessation aids, support groups, and public health initiatives that can help you quit. Studies have shown that, if you quit smoking by age 50, you can reduce your chance of getting lung cancer by half. That's a big boost to women's health right there.

Next, examine your dietary habits. Processed foods may seem easier to prepare, especially when you're on the go, but they take their toll on women's health. Fresh foods and raw foods will help your body regenerate healthy cells, instead of damaged cells, and are a key to healthy aging. You can call it health food, but it's the food we, as humans, were meant to eat.

Even when you eat a substantial amount of health food, there are health supplements that can give your metabolism a boost. There are health supplements on the market that can make a significant difference at your body's cellular level. When you receive that kind of nourishment, you'll eventually see the outward effects, such as hydrated skin and a healthy glow, less brittle and more luxurious hair, and healthier nails.

Third, think about movement. You don't have to be a gym rat in order to gain substantial benefits from exercise. Maybe you enjoy walking in the park, attending a yoga class, or swimming a few laps in the pool. Regular exercise - 30 minutes, three to five times a week - can set you on the road to healthy aging.

Fourth, take stock of your mental health. When you don't eat healthy foods and don't exercise, it's easy to become depressed. Being depressed, in turn, can lead you to eat more bad foods and avoid exercise, until it becomes a vicious cycle. Health supplements can give your system a kick-start, and help you have more energy, which promotes mental clarity and focus as well as stress relief.

Women's health doesn't have to be compromised as we age. Indeed, we can look and feel better than ever!

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