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For A Guy Who Enjoys A Giggle

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Author: John Smith

Don't you find that men always seem to have everything? This may be great for them but puts us at a distinct disadvantage when we're trying to find something meaningful to give them on special occasions. As for our dads, it's hard to know what to buy them at the best of times. Unfortunately this means that sometimes they really do suffer the consequences of our fruitless gift searches. So at Christmas, dad ends up with that terrible Christmas jumper, or a bumper pack of woolly socks to see him through another winter. These really are gifts worthy of nothing but a loud and cheerless yawn.

When it comes to Father's Day gifts, it's not surprising that we find it even more difficult. Whereas Mother's Day is synonymous with flowers, whoever considered sending a bunch of roses to their dad? Unfortunately there's just not the same association for dad, and consequently he often loses out on the gift front. However, Father's Day is the one time we can celebrate our appreciation for the contribution he makes to our lives, so at the same time we really want to make an effort and give him something to put a big hearty grin on his face. That's where we can be really creative and make him laugh with a selection of Father's Day gifts especially designed to tickle his sense of humour!

Repay Those Favours With A Giggle

Let's face it, if you're honest with yourself, you'll agree it's time you repaid dad for all his selfless favours. All those times he's fixed your broken toys, painted your bedroom, and what about those times he's driven you to school, to your friends', to nightclubs and back?! You've treated him as an unpaid taxi driver for far too long, so now it's time for Father's Day gifts with real meaning, such as the ingenious 'Dad's taxi cab meter' device! No longer will your dad's favours go unrewarded, as every trip clocks up a special favour you'll just love to bestow on him in return, whether it be weeding the garden or making him a cup of tea!

Bring Out His Mean Streak

There are times when the fun factor can get mean, with Father's Day gifts that bring out the sadistic side of your dad. If he grew up in the Thatcher years, he might just have a grudge to bear, in which case he'll love to crack nuts with the Iron Lady's thighs! The Maggie Thatcher Nutcracker is fittingly housed behind the door of Number 10 Downing Street and is guaranteed to raise a laugh. Why not throw in a bag of healthy nuts too for a special Father's Day snack? Alternatively, he might just love to take out his aggression on poor old Dead Fred. A bright red silicon rubber penholder that looks very much at home surrounded by crime scene tape, he'll make the perfect home for your dad's pen and always make him chuckle.

Bathroom Fun

Every dad spends hours in the bathroom, and there's nothing like a bit of toilet humour to raise a chuckle. Where Father's Day gifts are concerned, there's plenty of choice, from 'Crime Scene' and 'barbed wire' toilet paper to toilet golf! Indeed, whether or not he's an avid golfer, he can now sit on the throne and putt golf balls to his heart's content, on the specially designed putting green that fits snugly around the base of the toilet. An ingeniously original gift, it makes an interesting accompaniment to the golf magazines that keep him entertained during toilet breaks. And if he enjoys a long soak in the bath, he'll love the 'Bill Kills' or 'Ducktor Who' rubber ducks with their multicoloured water activated LED lights to give him hours of fun amongst the bath bubbles.

Time To Tease Your Dad

Father's Day is also a great time to tease your dad, and no better way than by presenting him with his very own 'become a chav' gift pack! As Father's Day gifts go, this one is highly entertaining, giving him an insight into all those subtle changes he will need to make to his lifestyle in order to be considered a real chav! For those truly aspiring for this coveted title, the pack contains a test to measure how far your dad has travelled along the route to chavdom, as well as his very own ASBO certificate with your own choice of offence. For men with a sense of humour who simply love people, it's an interesting and hilarious information pack which he's sure to find entertaining, and which will probably become quite a collector's item in the future!

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