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First Romantic Evening

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Author: Marina John

A guy proposed a girl and they decided to spend an evening with each other. Then their plans started which dress to wear, what will be the right place for the date, what to say each other, I will tell her this, what gift should I give him/her? These questions come in to mind and with more important question is how to make that date successful. A romantic evening with your partner spread sensation in your whole body. Preparation has to finish before that evening.

1. Location

Select a location nearby your well-known place. If you have any problem, then you can easily get help, as you know that place little bit. If you can arrange a garden restaurant and a table for two at the corner place where no one can easily spot you and disturb you.

2. Great Welcome

Welcome your partner with Bunch of flowers; Flowers have power to bring smile on face. If you really love you're your partner then take some red roses and arrange in sweet as you think she/he will like them. Welcome your partner with sweet smile and roses in your hands. See what happened. Just look into mirror. My guess is right; there is a sweet smile on your face.

3. Candle light

If possible light up some candles and see in our partners eyes. Talk on You will find the whole world there.

4. Soft Music

If you can arrange for a soft music in your background then it's awesome. Play Soft music and then if possible ask your partner for dance. If you cant arrange then now everyone has mobile, play soft music on mobile.

5. Delicious food

Order a food that your partner likes to eat, a chilled bottle of wine please if you know anything about that place don't start your conversation with that topic.

6. Privacy

Maintain privacy, means avoid friend, switch off mobile phones, etc. Concentrate on your partners eyes and hear him/her voice only. This is time for just the two of you. No company, no distractions.

First Romantic evening is dream of everyone's life with different ideas and tries to implement your ideas into reality.

About the author: Marina John is freelance author who exchange ideas, review in some specific areas as Dating, Romance, Friendship. She has been writing articles for . For details contact marina at

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