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Finding an Apartment on the 'Net.

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Author: Dakota Caudilla

Sometimes, the best way in finding cheap rental apartments is the cheapest and fastest way - through the Internet. If jobs, cars, and second-hand stuff can be found on the Internet, it should be easy finding cheap rental apartments on the Internet as well. Instead of browsing through the papers, squinting at the small prints in the classifieds, what you can do is to log onto the Internet, go to your favorite search engine and try to locate websites that lists cheap rental apartments there.

For one thing, most of the website listings for rental apartments are free to use. You may have to sign up for an account with them but with most of these rental apartment listing websites, creating membership accounts with them is completely free of charge. For example, take a good look at, an eBay company. is a spin-off from their company site and has over millions upon millions of rental apartments listed there. Using is fabulous for those who want to keep their options open. With millions of rental apartments listed there, you can sort the search results by narrowing the search criteria by location, the price, and when you're expecting to move to your new place.

As a value-added service, you can also use the tool in to find a roommate to share your apartment or room with you as a cost-cutting measure. This tool is wildly popular among college students and those who are looking to minimize living expenses. And if you need to get someone to help you move your stuff to your new rented apartment, provides a list of moving companies that you can select from too!

Other rental websites with a wide range of rental apartment listing are sites like and

Look through the list of rental apartments available at the area of your choice, click on 'request information' right there on the website and the system will automatically send your contact information to the manager of the rental apartment. Some managers list their own personal information on the websites, and if this is the case, take down their information and give the managers a call.

If the location is far from where you're currently residing, schedule your visit to the rental apartment (if there's more than one) on the same day so that you can make one trip to the place and take a look at the rental apartments all in one day. Save yourself the multiple trips.

If the managers have a website, ask them if you can take a look at pictures of the place online. Some managers provide this service. In fact, some managers will actually go as far as to send images of the rental apartment to your mobile phone or email address!

The key to finding cheap rental apartments through the Internet is to verify, contact and view.

About the author

Dakota Caudilla, journalist, and website builder Dakota Caudilla lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

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