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Finding a Theme for Your Party

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Author: Amelia Stenson

Finding a theme for your party doesn't have to be a headache; in fact it should be loads of fun, where convention and social norms are tossed with gay abandon right out of the window. If you follow the fanciful flight of your imagination whilst employing the unforgiving light of reality as your guide, you shouldn't go too far wrong.

Your party planning doesn't have to incur huge costs either; simply follow the theme right the way through the big event, from the carefully customised invitation to the food and drinks to the all-important venue décor.

Fortunately there is an entire flotilla of dedicated companies catering specifically for themed parties that are willing to aid and abet you every step of the way, from the innovative idea itself, all the way through to the hire of appropriate décor.

Attention to detail always makes a party pro

As with anything in life, it is generally the attention to detail that receives the greatest admiration and respect from others. Furniture rentals, linen rental and even the hiring of china and glassware that suit your theme all serve to enhance the overall effect of the party, ensuring that your own, priceless treasures are not vulnerable to the late night rabble rousing that should be part and parcel of any successful event.

Inspiration for themed parties generally comes from movies, books and real life experiences, so if you're battling to come up with a real zinger, cast your eye down the list of box-office successes and best sellers for a suitable muse.

Need inspiration? Look no further than Hollywood

Hollywood has recently concentrated on the fantastical, with comic characters the major lure for avid fans of the silver screen - how about a Monsters vs. Aliens theme, Angels and Demons, X-Men or Comic Book Heroes, even good old Indiana Jones characters?

All have great potential but if the movie offerings themselves aren't necessarily suitable, go for the thrill and allure of Hollywood itself. Choose strong, dramatic colours - reds, silvers, blacks and golds - for your backdrop and add a couple of lifestyle Oscars.

The dress code should be highly fashionable with silk and faux fur as the order of the day. Get hold of feather boas and outsized Jackie-O sunglasses for the ladies and top hats for the gents and serve only champagne from hired crystal flutes. Hire suitable catering equipment so that you can present traditionally glamorous food - caviar, lobster and fresh oysters - in svelte servers and your themed party is sure to be a blockbuster.

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