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Express A Myriad of Emotions Through Flowers

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Author: Nadine Davis

Flowers are not only beautiful and pleasing to the senses, but they are used in many occasions to express emotions. Different flowers are used to represent different emotions; therefore, it is important to know which flowers represent which emotion. For example, roses represent love, tulips represent happiness, and violets represent faithfulness. Flowers that are very colorful and celebratory in nature will be more appropriate for special achievements than expressions of sympathy and condolences. White flowers, such as lilies, represent peace and may be more appropriate for events such as funerals.

Choosing Flower Arrangements Wisely:

Flowers may be purchased for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, special achievements weddings, sympathy and condolences, a new baby, or as an apology for forgetting a special occasion. When buying flowers for special occasions, one should choose wisely. Ordering the wrong type of flower for the event could be confusing to the recipient as the recipient may not understand what message the sender is attempting to convey. Below are some helpful tips for purchasing flowers for various occasions.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Special Achievements - while a traditional bouquet of cut flowers is always in style, potted plants and ferns may be appropriate for these occasions as well. Events celebratory in nature need a variety of colorful flowers.

Weddings - flowers used in weddings should elicit romantic feelings and feelings of oneness. Flowers perfect for these occasions are lilies, orchids, roses, tulips, and irises.

Sympathy and Condolences - for occasions such as funerals, white lilies are often recommended. While lilies represent peace, and in times of grief and sorrow peace is what the bereaved family needs most. Fresh flowers with a pleasant aroma are ideal for these mournful events.

New baby - sending flowers to a new mother is a way to congratulate her and welcome her new little one into the world. Plants or flowers that need little attention would be best. It's always good to choose a lower maintenance flower since new mothers probably won't have the time to take care of plants or flowers at this time.

Apology for forgetting a special occasion - missing a birthday, anniversary or other special event is never a good thing. When words cannot adequately convey one's sincere and genuine apology, flowers are often able to speak on one's behalf.

Those that are unsure of the type of flower they need to order can speak with a florist. Florists are experts in their field and can help anyone choose the type of flowers best suited for the occasion.

Copyright (c) 2010 Nadine Davis

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