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Ergonomic Awareness Has Become an Important Factor for Employers and Employees

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Author: Anjanette Bragdon

Thanks to Wojciech Jestrzebowski, a Polish scholar, who introduced the term Ergonomics back in 1857 we know more about how we can incorporate the use of equipment to help with some of the daunting work duties that may take its toll on our bodies in the long term. It has only been in the recent years that companies have taken notice and have implemented ergonomic equipment in the work place. Thanks to these employers we can now lead a healthier, happier life with less body pains, and strains than before.

Computer work stations have advanced significantly throughout the years as people sit at them more and more. The incorporation of a good ergonomic chair and ergonomic computer work station can be a heaven sent for those who are lucky enough to have one. Repetitive motion is one of the larger concerns when it comes to computer users.

The repetitive motion disorders develop because of microscopic tears in the tissue. When the body is unable to repair the tears in the tissue as fast as they are being made, inflammation occurs, leading to the sensation of pain. Repetitive motion injuries are among the most common injuries in the USA . Thankfully there are ergonomic solutions that can aid with many of the repetitive motion jobs that we face in the work place.

Pushing or pulling wheeled loads has also taken a turn in the ergonomic lime light in recent years. With more and more published articles and proven methods on how we can push or pull more effectively. And with equipment like the Cart Mule® which motorizes the cart or carts making the task easier for one person to do without the normal physical aspects of pushing or pulling heavy wheeled loads. Most workers do not realize the nerve, tendons, muscles and supporting structures of the body they may be injuring beyond repair when lifting, pushing, pulling, holding or carrying objects the wrong way.

As ergonomic equipment and products come into play more and more in the work place we will find a healthier, happier society. As equipment and products evolve into ergonomic helpers, we will find workers who become more productive in the work place, a worker that feels good and is without pain and stress will call in sick less often, work quicker and more effectively. When a worker is without pain it can cause mood changes for the better thus being in a better mood around fellow workmates, which in turn will make a more pleasant work environment.

More job applicants are becoming aware of the ergonomic benefits that come along with ergonomically designed products and equipment, and have been known to look at these products in the work place the same way they do health benefits and pay scales. Being aware of the potential risks their body could sustain if a company is not current with the products that can alleviate these risks. Many workers are now turning away good paying jobs for jobs with a lower pay scale, but that incorporates ergonomic equipment.

Recognizing the human investment in a company, most employers have the desire to take care of that investment by providing a good quality work environment. Most Employers are learning that this promotes a more valuable company as a whole. Most employers will readily take into consideration a product that will create a safer environment when asked. If there is a viable need and employers are made aware of products that can solve that need, in most cases employers will pursue purchase of better equipment so their associates will have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

About the author

Anjanette Bragdon - CDS Inc. - Ergonomic solution for moving wheeled loads.

CDS Inc. offers the Cart Mule® product line. The Cart Mule® is a compact, self-propelled, battery-powered device that aids in materials handling movement. Visit our web site for more details on our Push Remote, Pull and Push/pull combo, assist product line.

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