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Environment and Relationships

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Author: Georgette Pauls

Relationship Strained? Try Creating the Right Environment.

Good loving takes some advance planning and effort. Good loving also takes practice and energy. Stop taking your relationship for granted and Plan for a great relationship.

Women with kids are nearly always exhausted. Their husbands don't seem to get it. They don't know the women are exhausted. They focus entirely on how hurt they are that their own personal sex goddess has turned on them.

So how do you get your sex goddess back? Remember how she (or you ladies) was when you first met?

Here are five strategies that will help.

1. Get some regular help. That means babysitters for evenings alone. Make the kids go to bed early routinely. Most kids don't get enough sleep. 10 hours a night is a good number. It can also make all the difference if both of you aren't doing chores most of the time you're together. You can make love instead, if you have help with the housekeeping and the landscaping and some private time in the evening! If you're saying, "but help like that costs too much", have a romantic dinner at home instead of eating out. Doesn't even have to be fancy. You'll save enough money to afford the help and you'll have more private time together.

2. Organize the chaos out of your living space. Bills, school papers and other paper mess can take over every flat surface unless you become ruthless about having it corralled in it's own space. Filing and organization CAN enhance your love life AND as a special bonus, improve your credit rating.

3. Get clutter out of your space. Flat surfaces can be used to make love if they aren't covered with backpacks or toys or brief cases or sports equipment, etc. Getting by with less stuff saves money, storage space and irritation.

4. Learn to cook simple healthy meals created from your grocer's fresh aisles. Those other aisles will kill you. Good food is romantic. You'll lose weight so you will feel sexier and livelier.

5. Go for an expensive spa or five star hotel feeling in your own space. How long has it been since you had a vacation for just the two of you like a honeymoon? That's the feeling you want to reproduce. Lately golds and yellows have been popular decorator colors. Did you know yellow tends to make people feel argumentative? Pick a more amiable color and find yourself making love instead of fighting!

There's a bed in our big 300 square foot den. We can make love while we keep an eye on what's cooking in the nearby kitchen. Adults and kids nap there. The cover is washable and it doesn't necessarily look like a bed with its throw pillows and everything for love making is at hand. It's SO much fun.

Environment, where you live with your lover, affects the quality of your life more than you think. Make your environment enhance your love life.

If the two of you exist in a messy, chaotic space, it brings conflict that interferes with the quality of your life. But if some simple organization can free both of you, you can spend time learning to be better lovers instead of slaving away in chaos.

Let's face it. Good relationships food and sex are things that make life fun. Make YOUR life more pleasurable TODAY.

About the author: Georgette Pauls knows what it takes to have a successful relationship. Unlike many "gurus" with multiple failed relationships, Georgette has had a happy romantic relationship for over 25 years. You can find more of her insights into relationships at

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