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Email Marketing Laws & Their Effect on Your Business

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Author: Khurram Zaveri

Many bulk email marketing legislations are enforced on marketers to follow within their marketing campaigns. They are developed to protect email users from unsolicited emails and malware. They are important and necessary to follow to market your business fairly. Marketers should know the answer to questions such as; Is it necessary to know email marketing laws for small as well as large businesses? What are these email marketing laws? Are they important for the marketing of your business? Is it necessary to follow them? How should you behave towards your clients and competitors? Why should you follow email marketing laws?

Marketers need to follow bulk email marketing laws to reach a lot of people without offending them or infringing on their rights. A large number of internet based businesses do well using email marketing and you can be one of them. You have to promote your business, make sales while following the rules and regulations of bulk email marketing. You should be aware of the CAN-SPAM law which was implemented in 2004 in the United States of America. This law is enforced to stop the assault of pornography and malware embedded within unsolicited emails.

Being a marketer you should not compel your readers to read emails by using false "to" and "from" email addresses. Effective marketers should be honest and provide their physical address to build credibility among your recipients. Your business and its name should be registered along with a physical address. First of all you need to establish your business following the rules and regulations of the country where it would be carried. After its establishment, marketing is necessary to tell people about your business, services & products. Such marketing should be carried out within the purview of local & international laws.

You can build your own email list though honest and fair means according to the laws of bulk email marketing. You can add a sign-up form on your website to collect email addresses. People will submit their email addresses and in response will get a welcome email message. Discounts, contests and coupons keep readers engaged all the time and help build strong relationships between your business and them. You should send brief, informative and useful content to your readers through emails. Your readers should be able to unsubscribe from the list of email contacts. Email plays a key role in business marketing today hence you cannot ignore it.

About the author: Khurram Zaveri is an expert. He is the creator of Spryka Email Charger, an easy to use

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