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Effective Tips for Sending Business Greeting Cards

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Author: Whitney Hammond

Whether it is attracting new customers to your business, enhancing your existing business relationships, showing your appreciation to your supporting clients, or reminding your old clients about how much you care for them, corporate greeting cards have always been considered as the first choice by business managers and entrepreneurs.

However, it is not as simple as getting some good greeting cards published and sending them to whomsoever concerns you. You need to carefully determine who would be benefit the most by receiving your business greeting cards. In doing so, choose the most appropriate greeting card that has a professional and classy appearance. Below given are some useful tips to consider when preparing your business greeting card mailing that will help yield the highest possible results:

1. First of all, select quality corporate greeting cards to show your appreciation to your colleagues and clients. This is a slightly risky step because the selection has to be such that it neither offends them nor makes them feel that this is being done simply because your business is not doing well.

2. While preparing the list of recipients, make sure that it is updated with correct names, contact details, and addresses. Try updating the list on your database regularly so it does not become a heavy load for you to handle later on. This will help avoid the embarrassment you would have to otherwise face in case the card is sent to an old address.

3. Corporate greeting cards can look more personalized with a touch of your handwritten signature and a short handwritten message. You could also hire someone for addressing the envelopes instead of going for the impersonal computer generated labels. Such gestures will ensure your recipients that their greeting card is not a part of a mass mailing process but includes your personal involvement and interest.

4. Mail your business greeting cards to the home of your recipients and include their spouse's name as well. Send individual cards to both the husband and the wife if both of them are a part of your firm. Incorporate tags like 'Mr., Mrs., and Miss' instead of simply including their names in the address labels.

5. To be on a safer side and to ensure that your recipients are not offended in any way, try finding out the religion to which they belong and send business greeting cards that are appropriate for them. If you choose to stick to a particular card style, then use generalized messages such as 'Season's Greetings'. It will be great if your personalized message can include a hand written note of 'thanks' to express appreciation to the recipients for their participation in your business.

6. When sending holiday business greeting cards, prepare in advance so the cards are mailed in time to arrive as the holiday season begins. It is always better for your card recipients to get your greetings before the season arrives rather than after the occasion has already passed. Thus, to avoid any last minute rush and to face minimum hassles, prepare your corporate greeting cards well before the season, including postage on the envelopes, so all you have to do is deliver them to the post office at the beginning of the holiday season.

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