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E-Business, Solutions, And You

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Author: Paul Abbey

Yes, I realize the title does sound a bit strange. It wouldn't be surprising to wonder what the solution is attempting to solve in the first place. An alternate title would have read, "a helpful solution for all of your e-business tasks, including tracking leads, managing affiliate programs, keeping track of emails and clients, and managing payments. Had I went with that title, on the other hand, that would have been quite lengthy.

Assuming the person reading this article has done any serious internet marketing strategies, they will be familiar with the role that handling these tasks plays. Bundled services are great offers because they help you get your work done more efficiently. Making the title even longer, I could have added, "Expanded options in credit and payment, tracking prospects, advanced email statistics, options for tracking your marketing campaign, customer management tools, recurring billing and commission calculations, payment tools, affiliate tools, customization tools for order forms, affiliate center, and order forms. Very, very long!

"The Ultimate e-business Solution" is a better title in both simplicity and accuracy. How about you though? The good news is that there are companies out there will handle all of these tasks and more. Per day, a bundle service can cost you around .70. Doing everything yourself in a growing e-business makes little sense. It also doesn't make good sense to pay a bunch of money to several individual companies or persons to take care of individual tasks when you can simply pay one low fee to a single company to take care of the multiple tasks you need.

About the author: Paul Abbey owns and operates Pos software

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