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Driving Under the Influence

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Author: Atty. Gabriel Cosh

We have heard so much of it from our parents, our teachers, and even our government, and as if these warnings were not enough even private institutions, and actually even those selling the same are stating that you must avoid driving under the influence of liquor. Well, as hard as a rock, the human mind has its way of doing just the opposite.

In almost all accidents on the road which are brought about by the negligence of another party, the proximate reason for the same is because such party was driving with a dazed mind because of alcohol. What makes the marriage between driving and drinking so attractive to people in our society? Well the answer is quite obvious, it is a status symbol, and much as they wouldn't want to be a victim of an accident because of such carelessness, they would rather be caught drunk driving than be a boring square at parties or several gatherings.

Our celebrities particularly have been a common subject for cases involving driving under the influence of alcohol. After coming from a celebrity blow-our or clubbing, they have the confidence and courage to run about the streets driving their highly engineered motor vehicle like a daredevil. As if their day would not be complete without causing any injury to an innocent by-stander or a working man who is just trying to find his or her way back home. The irony is that, when they are caught and such conduct is made subject of media attention, their value actually increases, as if they have just done a task a fraternity wants them to successfully accomplish and they get rewarded for it. Poor victim, aside from suffering physical pain and discomfort, he or she is even cursed in public eye for being the antagonist to the actor's road to fame.

Our laws and judicial system must do a better job in penalizing violations involving driving under the influence of alcohol regardless of whether the perpetrator is a famous actor or an ordinary man. A stringent system that would serve as a deterrent to such serious act must be set. If this could not be set enforced, then there would come the day when driving and drinking would now be the rule, and with a toothless law governing it then any person can actually find his or her way around, above, or even under it.

About the author: Atty Gabriel Cosh is a legal advocate and a practitioner of law for over 10 years now. He is also an expert in the field of social legislation and personal injury cases.

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