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Don’t Let Age Spots Give Away Your Age

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Author: Kamau Austin

Age Spots or liver spots come from many sources. One of the primary reasons for these spots is exposure to the sun's rays; UV rays darken the skin's pigment. Age spots are commonly found on the face, arms, back, and hands—especially in adults over forty. They often appear as brownish skin color discolorations and are caused by prolonged sun damage.

According to the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health's Medline Website "Liver spots are flat, brown-black spots that usually occur in sun-exposed areas of the body. They are also called age spots. They are unrelated to the liver or to the liver function."

The good news about age spots is that they are not harmful to your health in any way. Dermatologists classify them as skin blemishes, and they are not cause for alarm or medical treatment. Just keep an eye on them, and if they grow bigger or change shape or color, alert your doctor.

Information from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery's website backs up this point: "...The spots are not cancerous, nor do they lead to cancer. However, on skin exposed to the sun, they may be accompanied by precancerous scaly, red elevations of the skin called actinic keratoses. Dark spots, which might be cancerous, may also appear to be lentigines. All of these blemishes should be evaluated by a dermatologic surgeon."

It is difficult to get age spots to completely vanish, so once again, the best treatment is prevention. Wear protective clothing, don't overexpose your skin to the sun, and apply sunscreen regularly. Once age spots appear, there are fade creams, retinols, laser treatments, and chemical peels which can significantly reduce their appearance.

Chemicals like alpha hydroxy acid gel help fight the appearance age spots by lightening the discolored skin. Any cream consisting of Retin-A will make a small discolored area seem to vanish. Vitamin E oil also reduces the color of age spots.

Chemical peels provide a fast-healing way to treat age spots. It is easy to apply these chemical peels, and you leave them on the skin until they dry. Your skin will be healed, and you will be surprised to see that those stubborn age spots are not to be found on the new skin the peel exposed.

Liquid nitrogen will turn the age spot white, but there is a risk that it may cause a permanent white scar. In addition, spraying it causes a painful, stinging sensation.
Fair-skinned individuals can combine fade creams which consist of hydroquinone with a moisturizer consisting of glycolic acid. However, this method may cause temporary irritation and redness.

If you have a darker skin tone, try alternatives like kojic acid or mandelica acid. Vitamin C and vitamin E products are also good weapons to fight age spots.

Research has found that the following ingredients are useful in fighting age spots:
-Azelaic Acid
-Bearberry Extract
-Licorice Extract
-Mulberry Extract

Modern cosmetic companies are using cutting edge science and technology to alleviate the unattractive affects of age or liver spots. A good example of this is a new cream on the market known as Lumnaderm(TM) by Optimal Therapeutics.

Lumnaderm(tm) was specifically developed to minimize the appearance of unsightly age or liver spots. Furthermore, it features ingredients that seek to help protect your skin from free radicals that contribute to skin damage.

Creams like Lumnaderm(tm) help fight age spots on your hands, feet, and other visible areas. Remember, exposed areas of your body are the most likely to suffer from sun spots and age spots. You may want to consider putting this product to work for you in fighting unattractive sunspots, age spots, or liver spots that have been diagnosed as harmless by a professional.

This product is widely available in better online stores like and the (

Also consider buying summer clothing with UV skin protection in mind. Outdoor clothiers like Paragonia and other clothing manufacturers are creating fabrics and designs purported to offer some sun protection from dangerous UV rays. These new fabrics may be worth looking into and are a move in the right direction by these retailers and manufacturers.

It is better to select a treatment option through which you can fight several different problems like age spots, freckles, and pigmented spots. You can confidently look young and fresh, regardless of your actual age. Try to prevent age spots, but if they appear anyway, consider many of the previously mentioned products and solutions.

Written by the V-Team, courtesy of Kamau Austin, publisher. The V-Team writes articles for the health and fitness enthusiast. Their timeless health and fitness tips are at the Fit After Forty Blog. See more useful news and tips about skin careat

About the author: Written by the V-Team, courtesy of Kamau Austin, publisher. The V-Team writes articles for the health and fitness enthusiast. Their timeless health and fitness tips are at the Fit After Forty Blog. See more useful news and tips about skin careat

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