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Donít Be An Online Fool

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Author: Vivian Johnson

Nothing is worse than feeling like a fool, online or off. No one can make a fool out of you, unless you let them.

You can interact online without telling "everyone" "everything". By giving too much information in the beginning is a bad idea for two reasons.

1. You shouldn't give total strangers personal information. We tell our children "don't talk to strangers!" Yet, we tell strangers how much money we make, where we work, what kind of car we drive, if we are rent or own. That is way too much information!

2. Once you "layout" everything there is about you, your potential love interest will lose interest. Why hang around...? You're no longer very interesting...

Don't be an online fool, by trying to be too helpful and accommodating. If someone needs to make a trip, don't volunteer your friend's name that can get them a stand-by airline ticket "real cheap!" If this "stranger" is looking for a job, don't refer them to placement agencies that you've worked for. You have no idea who you are recommending. Don't give strangers a free ride on your reputation. That is being a total fool! If someone online needs a place to stay, don't offer to write a letter of reference, because at one time you were a leasing agent and your name still carries a lot of weight!

Please do not volunteer for anything! You will be taken advantage of 70% of the time and you will have no one to blame but you. Not because you're such a nice person...but because you are a fool! It's as simple as that.

Remember: when it comes to online dating sites, please take responsibility for protecting yourself. Don't acquire the reputation for being an online fool. You really don't have to bend over backwards to make quality, potential "love interests" online.

Put yourself in position to "choose"...not always waiting to be "chosen"!

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