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Dominant Force: Pain and Pleasure

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Author: Kai Jumat

Hi, my name is Kai Jumat and I will like to personally thank you for investing your time reading this article. Today I will like you to be proactive in your conversation with me. I do not want you to agree with whatever I say nor do I wish you will reject me without any personal thoughts. What I'm going to share with you is nothing extra ordinary that you haven't learnt nor already know.

Yes I'm talking about Pain and Pleasure.

Have you wondered why even though there are so many self help books and seminars aimed at providing and equipping the masses or those in search of an answer, step by step solution or rather ideas that can change their lives and all they have to do is to take action upon those knowledge they acquire, yet only 10% eventually get up and do take that plunge? I meant that if I give you a blue print for success in life, step by step, and a 100% iron clad guarantee that it will work, will you take action?

Sure, right? However the sad truth is only 10% take action and only 1% eventually succeed. You see this is the fact. We humans may have all the logic and reasoning to say we should work and take action yet we rarely or never do. Why? Its because we are emotional creatures. You must understand that often times, we only tend to make decision based on emotions rather than pure logic. I know some of you will say, "I'm not one of them." Yea maybe its probably because they haven't started living or making decisions.

There is a driving force that affects our thought process and decision making. Today I'm going to unravel to you the truth about Pain and Pleasure. You see, people procrastinate not because they fear failure, but more so of the consequences of failure which is pain. The pain has override their thought process and thinking about that action generates even more painful picture. What do I mean by pain. I don't actually mean physical pain alone. It can be working hard towards achieving a goal.

For example, general students normally don't do revisions nor homework until the last minute. They know they have to study to do well yet often times, they procrastinate till tomorrow or someday. Someone once told me, the path of someday leads to nowhere. When they think of homework, they associate it with diligently putting in efforts and its tedious and hard. That's the pain they derive when the homework gets in the head.

On the other hand, pleasure works in the equation too by adding more emotions for you not to get working. As with the case of the students with homework, by not doing or delaying them, the students derive a sense of pleasure as they can relax and do other 'fun' things in life.

However pain and pleasure can work the other way too. When the task or work nears deadline, most people get to work. Why? Same reasoning. If they don't submit the homework in time, they will get detention or worst eventually expel. OK that's a bit exxagerating but you get the point. That's pain! The brain also realised that if they manage to get to work and finish it in time, they won't get punished and can resume back their normal lives. If they put in effort, their grades will improve. Now that's pleasure to them.

So I hope you realised that pain and pleasure can work both ways, to your advantage or disadvantage. It will be a disadvantage if you let it control you as in the case of the students with homework that only does it at the last minute. Sure you can do that but often times we know too well that last minute work isn't always our best work. Now if quality of work you produced will affect you salary, does that bother you? Yes! Of course you want to do your best work. Last minute then isn't an option right?

How do you use pain and pleasure to your advantage then? Basically you have to free your mind first. Now imagine a task that you have to do right now. Imagine the benefits and good thing that you will benefit from it upon its completion. Think of the happy faces and smiles you bring upon those faces that lit with the quality of your work.

Ok step 2 think of the consequences of delaying the work, or imagine that the quality of work is proportional to the time spent on it. Surely you don't want to submit a poor quality work. You are a genius and have that personal power within you that you can share with the world.

Pain and pleasure can be to your advantage if you control the inputs to your mind. Whatever you put into your mind matters.

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Thanks once again!

About the author: Kai Jumat is a subject matter expert in wealth creation. He co-founded eWealth101, an internet based company that specialises in wealth creation and internet marketing. To learn more about him go to

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