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Does Your Puppy or Dog Bite? How To Stop Them From Biting

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Author: Scott Lipe

Does Your Dog Bite? While your dog is a puppy you need to teach them not to bite. This is usually taught by their mothers and siblings at fewer than four months old. Today we take our puppy home at a younger age and so the training falls to us to complete. If you have the opportunity to join a puppy social circle or puppy training school the puppy has its mothers and siblings training carried on within the puppy world. This happens naturally, through trial and error what is expected and not tolerated around biting.

Helping your dog to be sociable around as many different sociable situations as possible, builds confidence, and you are less likely to have an aggressive or fearful dog that will bite in response to the new situation. Working on socialization need to be started before the dog is four months old for the best results. Try to think ahead, if you need your dog to be good with children as you have family with children get your dog mixing with children early on. This builds the dog's confidence, and you are less likely to have a biting problem around children later.

Build up trust and respect with your dog then you can take command from your dog allowing you to train your dog not to bite. Never physically reprimand your dog to stop biting, this just doesn't work, all that is gained is the breakdown of the trust and respect. Telling your dog to stop biting will not work on its own. The dog needs to have good trust and respect for you for things to change and biting not to happen.

You have to stop all biting or the problem will never go away. Get your dog to understand it is the biting that you do not want, not the dog it's self. Always make up after on your terms so the dog knows you care and love the animal. Sort out this problem as early in the dog's life as you can for the best results.

Older dogs that growl aggressively or even bite you have a problem of who is boss. This is called the Alpha, which is the person or the dog that is in command. So you have to restore the balance which means you have to be the one in command. This restores the peace. Some ways to help you restore the balance are; feeding the dog after you have eaten. Not allowing the dog on your furniture, if he is allowed on the furniture this allows him to think he is on the same privileges as you. Do not play rough and tumble games like tug of war ever.

Teach him to lie down by you for 40 minutes, say on the evening while you are watching the television, he has to stay where you have told him for this length of time. If he gets up calmly remind him and insure, he is lying back down then carry on with your nights viewing. These are simple way in which you can restore the roles allowing you to gain control again.

Another thing to do is to keep all toys and treats out of his way, then you can you give out these things, play with your dog but put away all toys at the end of your play session. All this helps the dog to learn you are in charge, and that they are not. This will then stop the dog biting you.

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