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Do You Need A New Hobby? Start Collecting Rare Coins.

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Author: Perry Corman

Rare coins are one of the remaining investments which can be accumulated with privacy and transported easily. Coins are classic appreciating assets with a history of long-term price increases. Old and rare coins are worth far more than face value (the value on their surface) - and more than just their metal composition - as collectibles. Rare coins are a hobby, as are they a good investment. Rare coins are the most liquid of all collecting hobbies.

Silver and gold coins are fast becoming a new American icon because they give investors economic stability, profit potential AND privacy. You may shop 24/7 for rare coins, gold coins, silver coins, 2007 bullion gold coins, gold coins and more at among other places. If at any time our paper money is threatened, rare coins can protect wealth much like an investment in gold bullion. You can buy with confidence from several coin dealers. The heaviest coin to be minted is the 1000Mohur, a gold coin weighed almost 12 kilograms.

Buying rare coins for own profit has been a good choice for investors for many years. Buying rare gold coins can be done from coin dealers, special auctions such as ( By the year 2015, experts believe that there will be some 140,000,000 coin collectors/investors, an increase of over 3 times that of today's buyers. Some collectors have made a lot of money buying and selling rare coins, others have lost fortunes. For instance, there are no reporting requirements for the buying or selling coins, so your own privacy can be easily protected.

Rare coins stand out as a great investment compared to other collectible items, especially for someone looking to diversify their investment portfolios into the world of collectibles for the first time. As for other collectible items, nothing performs as well as rare coins when it comes to pure investing: coins are virtually indestructible, they are easy to store, easy to insure, and rare coins are portable commodities that can be easily converted into liquid assets. Unlike paintings, sports memorabilia, or other forms of collectible items, the old coin market is characterized by well-established standards for deciding the quality of any given coin and a stock market like infrastructure for ensuring the liquidity of the investment.

Rare coins are totally immune from bankruptcy and virtually immune from dilution. Coins are not only good investments, they can be fun too. Rare Coins are trading at half of their market highs of the late eighties. Rare coins are very interesting because their rarity makes them both precious and fascinating. Thousands of rare coins are regularly bought and sold sight-unseen on an electronic numismatic exchange and auctions, like

About the author: Perry Corman is a curious soul, researcher and author. He has a wide range of interests, ranging from politics to astronomy. If you have an interest in rare coins, take a look at (http://www.coinsale.

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