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Do You Need a Criminal Lawyer?

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Author: Gerrid Smith

Do you need a Criminal Lawyer?

Facing some criminal charges and need a good lawyer? When you get in trouble for a crime you have committed it's best to locate the best lawyer out there that will help you in every step of setting up the case for trial. You need a criminal lawyer who will answer you quickly on any answers you may have. One that will present how he is going to go about handling the case, and what outcome he is looking for.

Guilty or Not

Obviously some people who get charged with criminal charges are guilty. The cops don't just place everyone under arrest for a criminal charge. There may have been an investigation and they found that you were guilty. With knowing that you have committed the crime you can't expect the lawyer to get you off free. Perhaps they will be able to get the time you serve down by a few years.

Charges you are Facing

Really it depends on how bad the charges are, and what kind of evidence the police have against you. The more you have left behind at the scene of the crime the more damaging it will be to your case. That's why when you look for your own criminal lawyer you should get one who is experienced in criminal law. Perhaps you should even look for a lawyer who will only take on criminal law cases. Knowing that may give you a bit of an advantage, because they should have the up to date laws fresh in their minds. When you look for a criminal law lawyer don't choose the very first person you talk too. You should try and compare at least three different attorneys and find out their fees. For some people they may not have enough money to pay a lawyer up front. Check to see if any of your choices accept payments for their fees.

Right Lawyer

You want a lawyer who will work with you so that your life and your loved ones' lives are completely thrown off course. Make sure that how they will handle the case is told to you. The way that your own criminal lawyer will handle the case depends on what charges you are facing, and how much evidence is held by the prosecution. It may be obvious that you are extremely guilty in this case your criminal lawyer will try to present you in a different light to the jury or court. They will want to make you seem like a decent guy who only made a bad choice, and that you are very repentant for the crime you have committed. This type of approach is to make the jury or court feel a bit bad for you, and when they go to figure out your punishment hopefully they will give you less time.

Handling your Case

Each criminal lawyer has there own way of handling situations, and yours will have their way. You can impose your will on your attorney, they are the one with the knowledge and school behind them. Let your attorney handle your case the way they feel is best, and you may find that you will have to spend a lot less time in jail.

About the author: This information is not legal advice. Please contact an attorney in your local area for information about your specific case. Special thanks to the Raleigh DWI Lawyer blog for this information.

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